African Mango Diet Pill Review
By George Pierce

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What is African mango?

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African mango/Irvingia Gabonensis

Irvingia gabonensis is a tree that is native to West Africa.  Most of us know this tree as ‘African mango’. The actual African mango fruit is consumed as food.  The extract (seeds) are used to promote weight loss. African mango is also thought to be beneficial in treating and lowering high cholesterol levels as well as an aid to help  control of diabetes.

How does it work?

African mango claims to have weight loss benefits.  African mango is high in fiber.  It , therefore, slows your digestion.  This  prolongs the absorption of glucose (sugar) and thus helps weight loss.  Fiber also helps us to feel 'full', which can reduce our appetite.

Does it work?

Two clinical studies show that it does work.  In 2005,  a 4 week randomized double blind study of 40 overweight volunteers showed that the African mango users reduced their weight by an average of a little over 5%  (5.6 + or - 2.7%) and the placebo users reduced their weight by about 2%  (2.23 + or - 1.05%).  In 2009, another study of 102 volunteers was done for 10 weeks.  The results were that the African mango users lowered body fat by about  6.3% vs.  1.9% for the placebo group.

Afican mango seeds

Are there any side effects? (Negatives):

African mango is considered to be safe. There seems to be no evidence to confirm that it is safe or unsafe.


African mango diet supplements may help you lose weight.
African mango may reduce cholesterol.
African mango may help diabetes.
African mango contains B1, B2, and B3 vitamins which may reduce stress.

My Slightly Fickle Conclusion:

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I am happy to report that African mango does work, since nearly all diet pills and diet supplements do NOT work.  On the other hand, you will get similar results by adding more fiber to your diet.   I recommend adding more fiber rather than taking a pill.   this alternative is a safer approach, especially long term.  Long term results for African mango are yet to be determined.  

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On the other hand, you have a better option.

Although African mango is not exactly a scam, adding fiber to one's diet is typical of many diets, so I do not recommend African mango as a diet option.  In other words, eating healthier, which includes adding fiber, will give you the same benefits, actually better benefits.  

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To the best of my knowledge, Dr. Oz does not endorse African mango, supposedly, a guest writer on Dr. Oz's blog is responsible for a reference to African mango.

I do not understand exactly why, but it seems that about half of the African mango products work and half do not work.  That fact alone may be a red flag.  

If you do decide on trying African mango,  look for pure ingredients and positive reviews. The ultimate test will be whether  it works for you.  

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