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22 Weight Loss Forums and Communities

Joining a forum and/or a community to help you to lose weight is a great idea.  
They can be an excellent source of information, help, support, and motivation.  

These sites provide a venue for you to ask questions and get help from its members,
as well as help others.   If you are having one of those days where you need an
emotional lift, a quick visit to a weight loss forum or community  may do the trick.  
Other advantages is that you will make new friends and learn from other people's
mistakes and experiences.  

Joining a group or bringing in your own group can add even more strength
to your involvement.  

Some sites offer you the chance to join or create a group.  The group can be co-workers,
church members, you and a friend or relative, etc. as well as an existing group of one or
more members of the forum or community.  Groups can also run contests. competitions,
and weight loss wars.  

Some sites, such as our Weight Loss  Community makes setting up a group
an easy option.  You can join by yourself or in a group.  Sites such as Weight Loss Wars
and Weight Loss Buddy are based on being in a group.  

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No matter how you slice it, you need to join a forum or a community today!

Whether you choose to be in a group or not, visiting several of these sites and
joining at least one will automatically make you a member of a like minded group.  

Support and motivation are key factors for weight loss success and weight loss forums
and communities are a source that you should consider.  

22 Weight Loss Forums and Weight Loss Communities that can help you
on your weight loss journey:


  1. Win At Losing Weight Community
  2. Win At Losing Weight Forum
  3. 3 Fat Chicks
  4. Healthy Weight Forum
  5. Healthy Discovery
  9. Weight Loss Wars
  10. Weight Loss Buddy
  11. Fat Secret
  12. Weight-Loss Fitness
  13. Spark People
  18. PeerTrainer 
  19. WellSphere 
  20. Flexible Dieting Members Only Forum
  21. Weight Loss Surgery Forum
  22. Sugar Busters Forum

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