21 Day Fix Diet Review  

by George Pierce  
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The 21 Day Fix by Beachbody.... an exercise routine and diet plan.

What is the 21 Day Fix?

The 21 Day Fix is a combination of six different exercise fixes and an ingenious diet plan.  The diet plan involves different colored containers and a colored container chart that makes food selection quick and easy.

21 day fix containers
The 21 DAY Fix Diet Plan

Hate to count and measure?  You do not have to!  There are seven different color containers for foods and a shaker for drinks.  Based on your caloric intake goal and a simple chart, you can plan your meals easily.

The 21 Day Fix Exercise routine:

There are six different 30 minute workouts that each target a different area.

#1:  Upper Fix...targets the upper body
#2:  Lower fix...targets your lower body
#3:  Total Body Cardio Fix...move your body and get your heart pumping
#4:  Cardio Fix...Focuses on cardio and abs
#5:  Pilates fix...Core strengthening and elongate muscles
#6:  Yoga Fix...muscle lengthening, core strengthening and hips and thighs.

21 Day Fix Day 1 Clip 

Does it work?

Yes.  You will lose weight with this program.


The food containers make planning and portion control easier.
The exercise combination provides an all around workout.
Tracking and counting are not necessary.


You will need to take time to prepare your meals ahead of time.
Most meals are expensive or time consuming.
Smaller portions may create a problem for some.
Exercise is daily.
The 21 Day Fix does not continue past 21 days.
Little to no flexibility.

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As a short term 'fix', the 21 Day Fit works.  As a long term weight loss option, the 21 Day Fix does not seem to be a good fit.   

The idea of a 'container diet', although ingenious will probably get old in a short time.  The containers may help to draw people in, but may become a deterrent over the long haul. The 21 Day Fix is not a 'bad' diet, and has combined both diet and a good exercise routine, but it seems to be a 'quick fix' and not a lasting fix'.  

There are other diets that are not expensive and that have more flexibility and would probably be a much better fit for the long term.   I do not give the 21 Day Fix a thumbs down, but I cannot give it a thumbs up.  I do NOT recommend this diet.

I am George Pierce and I thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

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