10 Steps To Find The Perfect Diet!

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10 Steps To Find The Perfect Diet!
by George Pierce
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The following article is a road map that you can follow when searching for the perfect diet.

Are you considering losing weight? 

If this is your first time losing weight or your 101st time, having a plan will make your search easier and more effective.  Before we continue, let's cover a few issues or questions that you might have.

What is the perfect diet?

Most experts agree that the perfect diet is the one that you can keep.  What this means to you is that you want to look at long term possibilities as well as short term. 

Is 'choosing the perfect diet' really that important?

Choosing the perfect diet is extremely important.  It is on a par with finding the right mate. You might think that is overstated, but it is not.  Weight loss success is permanent weight loss which literally is life changing.

Is finding the perfect diet possible? 

Of course it is possible, but not without knowing how.  One of the reasons why so many of us fail at losing weight, again and again is that we make the wrong diet choice. 


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The Perfect Diet

The perfect diet is one that you can live with today, tomorrow and forever.  The perfect diet is one that suits you.  This means that it is a good fit for your lifestyle and your palate.  It also needs to be healthy, since staying on it will be permanent. 

So where do you begin?

Step #1:  Think "permanent'. 

Think 'long term'  Make a decision right now, inform your brain that this decision is going to be the best decision of your life and that it will be a permanent life style change.  You cannot be thinking short term, so make that decision right now to switch your thinking to long term.

Step #2:  Only consider 'healthy' diets.  

A good diet choice will improve your health, reduce your chances of illnesses and disease, add life to your years, and years to your life.  A diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables is one of the keys to being a healthy diet. 

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Step #3: Avoid Fast Weight Loss!  

Fast weight loss often does you more harm than good. You are probably already aware that you will soon quit.  Once you do, the lost weight will return and usually a few more pounds as well.  Not only are you setting yourself up for failure, you are probably going to be worse off than when you began.  Another problem that you may not realize that you are creating is that you are training your body and your mind that weight loss is short term and temporary.  Of course, this is the exact opposite of what you really want.

Step #4:  Include exercise. 

I recommend that your diet choice already includes an exercise plan.  If it does not, you can add an exercise program.  If the exercise is excessive or extreme or too difficult, can you ease into it?...and is that what you want?  

Step #5:  Ask how does the diet suit you taste, literally. 

Does the diet eliminate foods that you cannot live without?  If the answer is yes, then you should probably move on.  Are there certain foods that the diet focuses on, that you do no like?  A yes here indicates that you should move on.  If you cannot eat some of your favorite foods, at least, on occasion, it may not work.


Step #6:  Does it fit your lifestyle?  Convenience?  Structure? 

Are you too busy to eat six times per day or to plan and prepare meals?  Preparing all your meals for the week at one time might help with the preparation, but if you cannot eat every few hours, some diets will not be a good fit.  Are you the kind of person that needs structure, or perhaps you need flexibility?  Is the diet flexible enough or restrictive enough for you.


Step #7:   Difficulty? 

How easy or difficult will it be for you to follow and to stay on.  If it is too difficult to stay on, it is not the right fit for you.  Sometimes, too easy, is not the right choice...you know best what works for you.

Step #8:  Conduct a serious search. 

Get serious about your quest to find the diet that will work best for you,  Do your best to dedicate time to your research.  Set a goal of finding at least three, four, five, or more diets that will work for you.  Decide on when you want to make your decision and plan your research to meet that deadline.  In the Diet Review Section, you will find most of the popular and highly ranked diet, all in one place.

Step #9:  Keep track of your findings. 

You can use a spread sheet or a pad of paper, but keep track and make notes. I suggest that you list and weigh the value of the positives on one side of your page and that you list and weight the value of the negatives on the other side.  You will find a more detailed explanation of how to notate your research as well as an evaluation or decision making process in our training course.  Should you decide to join us, your membership is free and so is the course.

Step #10:  Listen to your body and your mind. 

Most of the above is focused on science and logic.  Do not let your emotions rule, but what may happen is that you will have narrowed your weight loss choice down to two or three good options.  If you follow our decision making process your perfect diet choice should be clear.  Once in a while, it is not.  If so, ask yourself what do your instincts say.

When you apply proper research and decision making, your choice will be an excellent one. 

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What does all this mean to you?

What this means is that you will be beginning your weight loss journey on the right plan instead of the wrong one.  Think about it...beginning with the wrong plan means that your weight loss efforts are doomed almost before you begin.  When you add jut a few simple but important steps to find the diet that is right for you, you have now opened the door to success. 

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Rooting for you,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder
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