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25  Best Weight Loss TIPS!

An article by George Pierce

  1. Eat Breakfast...a must...thin people do not skip meals!
  2. Include "keeping it off" as part of your overall weight loss strategy.
  3. Lots of low carb, low cal, or healthy snacks and lots of portions of healthy vegetables can help you to avoid hunger.
  4. If you find that you are still hungry...perhaps a larger salad or more soup before your dinner meal.
  5. A glass of water before a meal and lots of water (8 glasses at 8oz.)
  6. NEVER shop for groceries when you are hungry. Schedule your shopping after a meal. You may buy something that you should not eat...and we both know that once you buy it that you are not going to throw it out!
  7. What "Habits" can you work on that might help you? A repeated action (daily) is supposed to become a habit after only twenty one days.
  8. Eating slowly is one of those habits.
  9. Eat at times that work for you, but also for your weight loss...if you are ravenous in the evening, perhaps have a snack near dinner time and delay dinner an extra hour or more. Do not eat too late or too near bedtime.
  10. Sleep seven or more hours per night. (even Dr.Oz agrees with us on this tip-grin)
  11. 'Push Away' from the table when you are satisfied...satisfied not full...satisfied and full were not far apart.
  12. Be careful and choose with care as to which weight loss plan you will decide on.
  13. Once you have decided on which weight loss plan, stay on track...you may discover a new and more enticing plan...remember that you have already put a lot of thought, effort, and care into your choice, you chose it for many good reasons...so...stick with it, stay on track. kabob healthy
  14. There are lots (hundreds, perhaps thousands) of delicious foods that will work with most weight loss plans that are available...some are prepackaged, some you can make...do a little research online and at your grocery store...these options made my experience so much easier...you do not have to starve or eat cardboard tasting foods anymore...a little research is all it takes.
  15. Bookmark and Share this web site and return as needed...press Ctrl...lower left of keypad...and D at the same time, or click, or click Favorites (near top left of your web page and then click "add to favorites")...bookmark this website or any others that you feel are helpful and worth returning to....What do he or she say? What was that tip? What was that recipe? Bookmarking makes it easier to return to useful information.
  16. Expect to lose weight and keep it off, if you do your homework and decide on a good weight loss plan...it really should work...right? It will work ...just go one step at a time, one meal at a time, one snack at a time... your choice of weight loss plans has been well made and well planned and prepared for and for good reasons...yes... EXPECT to lose weight and to keep it off!
  17. Be serious this time. If you are going to lose weight, do it right.
  18. Use common sense...an example is that if you are feeling starved, you can add more meat (larger portion) to your sandwiches and/or dinners, or add eggs to your breakfast.
  19. Be flexible...being flexible goes hand in hand with using your common sense. If some part of your weight loss plan does not seem to be working for you, consider what changes that you can make so that it does work.
  20. Be brutally honest with yourself. Cheating, fudging, and rationalizing are not allowed....include 'no more lying to self' as part of your weight loss plan.
  21. We all are capable of backsliding...backsliding is not allowed, but it can happen. What you do about backsliding and how you learn from it is what counts. If you make a mistake, figure out what happened and why. How can you learn from this setback? How or what changes should you make to prevent it from recurring? funny minion mistakes
  22. Help someone today!!?? A great way to feel good about yourself is to help others as much and as often as possible. Feeling good about yourself is essential when losing weight. Positive thinking, positive affirmations, positive outlook, etc. may be helpful and may have their place (depending on who you talk to), but helping others in small or large ways with absolutely no reward in mind, is GUARANTEED to help you feel good and to help you feel good about yourself. This feeling good about yourself stuff is a necessary ingredient in your weight loss plan. Do not dismiss its value in your weight loss, and as a bonus, it will spill over into all other areas of your life, such as relationships, work, your happiness, and much more. This tip is important...try it...you will like it...actually you will love it!
  23. Exercise...find an exercise that you like...hiking, walking, swimming, gardening, sports, etc. If you will perform that exercise for 30 or more minutes every day, that it will become a "habit", and hopefully a habit that you will look forward to and enjoy. (Some weight loss gurus say every other day, we say every day in order to make exercise a 'habit')
  24. Don't leave home without it! Carry a snack or two or more in your car. This one has proven itself to be a lifesaver, again and again. Why? You go somewhere, anywhere and you stay longer than expected and get hungry, or the only food available is an absolute no no, etc. Run out to your car and grab a snack or two, or open a snack on your way home instead of stopping at a FATS FOOD Restaurant (FATS is purposely misspelled...but that is what they should be called-grin...remember that before you stop).Never eat more than you can lift, Miss piggy
  25. Make it FUN!

Spend a little more of your time and focus on making losing weight easier and more FUN.


Another tip is to absorb a tip or two at a time, not necessarily the whole list all at once. 

Before you start any type of weight loss plan, get relevant information.

You can probably get information from now until doomsday...so do not use information gathering as a crutch to indefinitely postpone your starting a weight loss plan. Gathering information is, however, an important part of your weight loss endeavor and can mean success rather than failure. I hope that you will find more helpful and useful information by poking around at this web site and we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list which is a free publication that you can receive in your email box.

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