Weight Loss Basics

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Weight Loss Basics

#1:  Make some positive changes in your diet. 
#2:  Add fiber.  Fiber is filling.
#3:  Reduce your sugar intake:  Fast foods, soft drinks, candy, and chips are just a few of the foods that can be replaced with healthier options.
#4:  Exercise.  Engage in an exercise that you like.  Walking, golfing, tennis, swimming, etc. 
#5:  Read labels.  Avoid high sugar content, opt for higher fiber.  You will be surprised that many 'healthy foods' and 'fat free foods' are loaded with sugar.
#6:  No more drive throughs.  Not all drive throughs are bad for weight loss but most are.
#7.  Drink more water.  Use water as a replacement for sweet drinks.  Drink water before eating to reduce your appetite. 

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#8:  Eat breakfast.  Do not skip a meal.  Your body thinks that it is being starved and goes into starvation mode.  This means your body holds onto the fat that you are trying to get rid of.  Eat more often, not less often.  This helps you to maximize your metabolism.
9:  Eat slower.  Give yourself time to get satisfied.
10:  Use your 'push away' muscle.  When you get satisfied (not full or stuffed), push away from the table.  You are done eating.
11:  Eat more protein.  More protein helps you to stay satisfied longer and to lose weight easier.
12:  Eat more veggies.  Veggies are low carb and low calorie, healthy and filling.
13:  Sleep.  A good night's sleep every night is essential for losing weight.
14:  Use smaller plates.  Portion control is part of losing weight, smaller plates helps you to think and feel that you are getting larger portions and thus feel satisfied.
15:  Do it now.  Stop denying, stop procrastinating.

Lower you caloric intake and burn more calories (exercise) in order to create a caloric deficit which means weight loss. 

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