Weigh Down Diet Review


Weigh Down Diet Review
by George Pierce
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The Weigh Down Diet is a creation of Gwen Shamblin, a registered dietitian.  Her approach to weight loss is based on seeking spiritual support and focusing on listening to your body.  According to the diet book cover, the diet will provide you with an “Inspirational Way to Lose Weight, Stay Slim, and Find a New You”. 

How Does It Work?

The diet is based on eating when you are actually hungry and to stop eating when we are full.  The diet is about changing your relationship with food by strengthening your relationship with God or your creator or higher power. 

For many of us, we reach for food, yet we are not hungry.  Gwen helps us to learn what how to eat only when we are hungry and to learn the meaning of full.  It is time to stop eating when we are satisfied or full.  We are taught to differentiate between real hunger and emotional eating. 

In order to understand the difference the diet suggests that we do not eat until our stomach actually grumbles.  When it grumbles, eat.  The diet says to eat regular food rather than diet food, but to cut the portions in half.

No foods are off limits. The diet even suggests that we eat our favorite foods first.  The idea is that in case we get full, we are less likely to keep on eating.  The diet success is a result of eating less volume. Since we are eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied, we are eating less.

The diet teaches that we should eat slowly and focus on texture and taste.  Eating slowly also helps us to not keep eating after we are full.  


Does It Work?

The diet should work since you are cutting your food intake in half which should lower your caloric intake and thus help you to lose weight.

Exercise:  The diet does not require exercise and suggests that you do not exercise simply to lose weight.  Activity is fine, if you like it.


Your food cost should not change. If you want, you can add a six week seminar for $99 or the online Weigh Down Workshop program for $24.95 per month (costs are at the time of publication of this review). 


The above seminars and workshop are available.

Vegan or Vegetarian?

You can adapt this diet to either.

Gluten Free?

This diet can be made gluten free.

Level of difficulty:

The difficulty of this diet is medium.  If you are a big eater, have bad eating habits, and/or a bad relationship with food, this diet may be exactly what you need, but it's level of difficulty may be hard.  If your habits are relatively good, the difficulty level may be closer to easy.


Lose weight
No Foods are Banned
No real change in your eating other than portion size
Renew and/or strengthen your bond with your higher power
You are not exercising as a way to eat more
Improve your portion sizing
Improve your relationship with food
Eliminate emotional eating


Not including exercise
Putting our faith in a higher power is fine, but do not forget to take action
The guidelines may be too loose for some folks. 

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Although there is no clinical proof that this diet works, lower our quantity of food intake by half should help us to lose weight.  I am disappointed that exercise is not included.  Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Eating slowly and listening to your body and pushing away from the table are valuable habits for weight loss.  Looking for support from our creator is also good advice for any venture that we might undertake.  I am not giving Weigh Down a thumbs down, there are too many good things about it to merit that.  However, since it does not include exercise and since the guidelines may be too loose, I am not giving it a thumbs up.  At this point, I usually suggest that you add the diet to your list of weight loss options, or I might suggest that you do not.  In this case, I am leaving that choice up to you.  Why?  I see a lot of merit in the diet and how it may help some people, such as people with strong faith or people with emotional eating problems.  If you feel that this diet will work for you, consider adding it to your list of weight loss options.

Thanks for reading, my friends,  I wish you success on your weight loss journey,

Rooting for you,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder



Weigh Down At Home Part 1

What to Take Away from this diet!

Eat Slowly!

Eating slower allows for more chewing which is better for digestion.  It also allows you to be better tuned into your satisfied state.  Eating fast can mean that you have eaten extra food that you do not need to eat before you realize that you are full.



Part 2

Listening to your body!

Our body will tells when we are hungry and when we are satisfied.  Unfortunately, we fail to listen.  When we want to go back to listening, it just takes a little practice and focus.  You'll get the hang of it.  We are all wired to be able to listen to our body, so do not be concerned, you'll relearn this skill.



Part 3

Relying on a Higher Power!

Gwen suggests that you turn to God and the Bible for help and guidance and strength.  It is my humble and sincere opinion that you and everyone else have the power to lose weight.  Our training helps you find the power from within and Gwen helps you find it from God.  The bottom line is that there is tremendous untapped power that you may not realize that you can use.  This power will help you to lose weight, whether from within or without.

Part 4

No Foods are Banned!

I personally believe that banning foods or food groups can create more problems than it might seem to fix.  There are a number of reasons why people quit a weight loss plan or program.  One of those reasons is that they were craving one and often more than one of the 'banned' foods.  They finally gave in to their cravings and did not return to the weight loss plan.  Allowing us to eat what we want can create problems, if abused, but it fixes more problems than it solves.

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Part 5

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