Seven Worst Weight Loss Mistakes

The Seven Worst
Weight Loss Mistakes

An article by George Pierce
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The Seven Worst Weight Loss Mistakes

If you are considering losing weight or are trying to lose a few pounds, review of these common mistakes may help you.

MISTAKE #1 Not Starting.

If you think about it, not getting started is the worst mistake.  Some of reasons why people who sincerely desire to shed some weight might never get started might include fear, a sense of being overwhelmed, believing that a gym membership is needed, being too busy, being broke, or simply not wanting to give up certain foods that they love. 

A significant obstacle for some people is that they feel they have so much weight to lose, that it simply can’t be done. The good news is that each of these reasons can be overcome.

MISTAKE #2 Relating losing weight to starvation.

Proper weight loss is never about starvation.  First of all, starvation is not a healthy approach.  Starvation would do you more harm than good.  You will find that most diets will keep you well satisfied and never hungry. 

MISTAKE #3 - Thinking your current diet is healthy.

Just about everyone believes that they are eating a healthy diet.  If you are over weight, chances are that your diet needs improvement.


MISTAKE #4 - Weight loss equals dieting.

Long term weight loss and dieting are not the same. Most people are dieters and not long term weight loss advocates.  Successful weight loss is based on making simple improvements in your diet and exercise and creating better eating and exercise habits.

MISTAKE #5 - Losing weight without exercise.
Your best weight loss option should include making dietary improvements and adding exercise.  Not including exercise is really short changing yourself.  The benefits of exercise are so numerous.  More energy is one that you will notice almost immediately.  Exercise also helps you to literally look younger and feel younger as well as live longer along with over 100 more benefits.  Walking is an exercise that most of us can do at no cost.

MISTAKE #6 -Not enough protein.

To maintain your weight, you need about one gram of protein for every pound that you weigh. In order to LOSE weight, you need about 1.5 grams.  Be sure to get enough protein to help you to lose weight.

As an example, a person who weighs 150 pounds needs 225g of protein. 
Look for protein rich foods.  A 6 oz. steak has 42 grams. An egg contains 6-8 grams. A 4 oz. piece of chicken has 35 grams. Tofu has 20 grams of protein per half cup,

MISTAKE #7 - Ignoring emotional eating.

Mmmm... comfort foods. Chips are considered to be the worst.  Other munchies and sweets are easy to blindly consume while watching the tube or relaxing.  Giving up comfort foods altogether may not be necessary, but choosing healthier substitutes and setting limits (a small bowlful vs. the whole bag) are a good start.


We all make mistakes, especially when it comes to losing weight.  No one teaches us any different, so until we learn, we can keep making the same mistakes over and over.  If you are ready for another weight loss journey, or when you are ready, consider joining us as a free member.  Our training course and member area will reveal much more about weight loss that no one ever tells us about.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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