Park Avenue Diet Review

The Park Avenue
Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The Park Avenue Diet Review

Dr. Stuart Fischer, MD is the creator of the Park Avenue Diet.  Dr. Fischer, a Manhattan internist, developed the diet so we can all acquire the look off the rich and famous.  

The Park Avenue Diet claims that we need to address more than just diet and exercise.  The seven areas that are involved are diet, exercise, lifestyle makeover, fitness, fashion, beauty, and poise.   The diet is a six week diet that promises that you will look younger and feel better, as well as have more energy and more confidence.  It is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle makeover.

How Does the Park Avenue Diet Work?

The diet consists of three parts.

Stage 1:  Inviting Success

This stage is for the first two weeks.  You will learn the seven areas of success and how to gradually add them into your daily routine.

Stage 2:  Preparing for greatness.

This stage is one week in which you practice your newly learned skills.

Stage 3:  Making the A List.

This stage is for 3 weeks.  You continue the diet and add more exercise.


The Park Avenue Diet is a low calorie diet, about 1350 calories per day.   It focuses on fruits and vegetables and lean protein and is low in dairy,  fats, and sweets.

Each day you are provided a daily menu, along with a plan for exercise, and a lifestyle or grooming tip.  The diet help you with self discovery and self improvement.

What you can eat:

The diet consists of three meals, water, a snack, and a dessert daily.  You calorie intake will be about 1200 to 1500 calories daily.  

You will mostly eat:

lean protein
brown rice
some dairy
whole grains

Over 50 Meal Plans Available

Sample Menu:


Homemade granola with pumpkin yogurt


Homemade bean soup

Afternoon Snack

Ten baby carrots
1 tablespoon tapenade


Sea bass with mango coulis
Rice pilaf

Evening Snack

Chocolate square with raspberry coulis

What you cannot eat:

Most sweets
Processed foods
Full fat baked goods


Level of difficulty: 

Medium to high.  You will be eating low fat, low sugar meals with lots of fruits and vegetables...if this is not appealing, the diet is probably not for you.  

Vegan or vegetarian?  

The Park Avenue Diet can be modified to work for both.

Gluten Free?  

You can adapt this diet to be gluten free.


Your food cost should stay about the same.


The Park Avenue Diet includes an at home 6 week exercise plan.  You will exercise a minimum of three times per week.


Does the Park Avenue Diet work?

Yes.  Any diet that restricts calories and includes exercise should help you to lose weight.


Lose Weight
Eat healthy
Look and feel better
May improve health
Offers help with self confidence and beauty
More energy
Recipes and menus are included
Exercise is included
Helps with the psychological and success skills that are needed for weight management


Restrictive and eliminates certain foods
Some dieters may feel hunger
Set you up for long term success, but has no maintenance plan
Some experts feel that the diet is high in sodium
Meal planning 
Food Preparation
No support



The caloric intake for this diet is low and may be too low for some people.  It is always good advice to see your health care provider before making any health decisions.  

Meal planning, shopping, and food prep are necessary for this diet, which may be a problem for people who may not have time or the inclination. 


It is refreshing to see a diet that covers areas beyond the diet and exercise, which are important components of long term weight loss.  It is disappointing to see that the Park Avenue Diet does not include long term maintenance.   For this reason, I do not recommend that you add it to your list of weight loss options.  

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight


Before and after.  Some diets are too extreme.

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