10 Super Snacks For Weight Loss

Ten SUPER Snacks
for Losing Weight

by George Pierce

Super Snacks can help with weight loss and maintenance.

Being overweight is not fun, not healthy and not wise.  On the other hand, losing weight can seem to be difficult to IMPOSSIBLE!   If you are struggling with weight loss, these SUPER snacks may help you to get on track.  I still like the idea of using Super Glue as a lip balm-grin, but avoiding hunger and feeling satisfied are just a couple of the advantages that these SUPER snacks will provide.

Ten SUPER Snacks for Losing Weight



Eat grapefruit as a snack before each meal to lose weight. .  A study of 91 obese people over 12 weeks, found that the grapefruit group lost 2.86 pounds more than the non grapefruit group.  This equals about 3.1 pounds over 13 weeks or 3 months, in other words, about a pound per month!  The grapefruit group ate a 1/2 grapefruit before each meal.  Click here for study: 

Dark Grapes:  

Eating dark grapes several times a week can help you to lose weight.  Easy and tasty, grapes contain nutrients called flavinoids.  A study of 124,000 people showed that the ones that snacked on grapes and berries several times per week stayed slim, the ones that did not, gained weight.  In this study, grapes helped avoid 'middle age spread'.   Aedin Cassidy, senior author of the study at the University of East Anglia, said  “People tend to put on weight as they get older. But we found that people who ate a few portions of flavinoid-rich fruits and vegetables a week maintained a healthy weight and even lost a little.”   Flavinoids are thought to slow the rate at which our bodies absorb fat, as well as increase energy expenditure, and help maintain healthy gut bacteria.



Almonds are nutrient rich and help you to feel full.  Almonds are high in protein and are a smart alternative to red meat and eggs. Studies show that one ounce of almonds contains almost the same protein that lean meat has. Why almonds are a healthier alternative than meat is the high fiber content.  Research by Dr. Michelle Wen shows that almonds reduce hinger and cravings.  


Is eating chocolate to lose weight a HOAX?  According to CBS News and several other news sources in late May of 2015, eating chocolate to lose weight is a hoax.  

Junk science: Journalist admits 'chocolate diet' was a hoax

Weight Watchers indicates that good-quality dark chocolate offers similar benefits as most leafy green vegetables.  In small quantities, dark chocolate can reduce your blood pressure, increase your circulation, prevent arteriosclerosis, which are very important benefits, if you are obese. 
Dark chocolate also contains flavinoids which are helpful with weight losss (see grapes),   A study at Queen Margaret University show that dark chocolate slows fat absorption and metabolism.  The result is a 'satisfied' feeling.    The secret is to eat dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cacao.


An ounce of air popped popcorn, which is about 3 cups, has 4 grams of fiber, nearly 4 grams of protein, a little over a gram of fat and contains about 110 calories. This gives popcorn  the ability to help you to feel full and to stay feeling full.

Popcorn to lose weight -Delicious secret 

Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans):  

Chickpeas are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein.   Participants who ate chickpeas in a recent study were fuller and more satisfied than participants that did not.  The high fiber content is why.  Just 3/4 of a cup of chickpeas has 8 grams of fiber, 24 grams per day are recommended by the USDA for a 2,000 calories per day diet.

Trail mix

Homemade Trail Mix:  

The secret to this snack is that it is homemade.  Store bought trail mix is usually high in added sugar and salt.  You can mix and match your trail mix ingredients, such as  almonds, cashews, peanuts,  pecans. dried fruits like cranberries, raisins, and banana chips, along with popcorn, pretzels, dark chocolate, coconut flakes,  and even such spices as ginger, wasabi peas, and cayenne pepper.  A delicious snack that is portable and filling.



The main ingredients in hummus are sesame seed paste, garlic, garbanzo beans, lemon juice olive oil, and salt. Hummus is gaining steadily in popularity in the US. where it is used on sandwiches and as a dip.  Hummus is high in nutrients.  Four ounces of hummus is about 207 calories.  Being high in fiber, hummus helps to make you full.  Warning:  Be conscious of the calories in what you are dipping into your hummus.  


Fruit, vegetables, berries.

Any of these are full of fiber and nutrients and antioxidants.  Most weight loss experts agree that you can eat as much fruit, vegetables, and berries, as you want and not worry about weight gain.  A delicious and satisfying snack loaded with healthy benefits.

Thank you for reading, my friend.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.
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