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The Noom Diet Review

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The Noom Diet

According to US. News which ranks diets every year, Noom comes in at # 13.
in the “Best Diets Overall” category.

What is Noom?

With Noom, it has to do with what you eat and why you eat. Noom is about developing self-awareness, liability and behaviors that can bring about fat burning and healthy and balanced weight maintenance.

 Noom cones with a Healthy and Balanced Weight application, you log every dish as well as treat, plus your everyday weight and also log your exercise. Your one-on-one trainer engages with and encourages you via the application’s messaging feature. You likewise connect with your Noom support group trainer and team participants.

Caloric density is the dietary basis of the Noom Healthy Weight program, as well as it was established with input by signed up dietitians and also psycho therapists. Noom motivates foods with reduced calorie density– typically foods high in water as well as lower in calories by volume. Based upon your age, gender as well as private weight-loss objective, Noom computes your suggested daily calorie intake.

The current Noom platform incorporates modern technology, human training and also psychology. The Noom team includes founders Saeju Jeong and also Artem Petakov, in addition to principal of psychology and clinical psychologist Andreas Michaelides as well as in collaboration with more than 3,000 human trainers.

Noom coaches, trained by Noom, are picked for their compassion and helpfulness. While not all are dietitians or nutrition specialists, many hold a series of degrees and also accreditations connecting to health and/or  wellness.

Noom is:

Vegan or vegetarian friendly. Dishes can be easily modified for a vegan or vegetarian diet.
Gluten-free friendly. Recipes can be easily customized to follow a gluten-free diet plan.
Halal friendly. Dishes can be easily modified as well as still comply with the diet plan.
Kosher friendly. Dishes can be easily customized to adhere to the diet regimen.
Low-carb. Noom Weight adjustable program supports all variations of the low-carb diet plan.

How does Noom work?

Log all meals/snacks/daily weights on the Noom Healthy Weight application.
The app provides feedback/guidance based on this information and also your weight-loss goals.
Color-coded food groups include healthiest, moderate and those to limit.
Instructors and support system supply information, support as well as motivation through the application.
You will not start with a thorough dish plan. Rather, the Noom application customizes your responses based upon your food log. Foods are grouped into 3 color-coded food groups based upon their calorie- and nutrient thickness– the objective is to move from foods with a high caloric thickness and low nutrient thickness to those with a low caloric density and a high nutrient thickness.

As you log every food and drink in your diet plan, the app automatically tallies the calories you have actually consumed and informs you of your continuing to be quantity. As you log your food access, pithy favorable comments (such as ” Fruit: Smart selection! Good task.”).  The app will supply instantaneous comments. When you log your daily weight, it’s automatically graphed so you can see exactly how you are foinf. Your coach will sign in with you often with encouragement as well as upbeat messages.

If you’re looking for macronutrient info, matters beyond calorie density, such as sodium, potassium, healthy protein, overall cholesterol and also fat breakdowns for every food, you’ll need to seek that details on your own.

Noom Rankings & Reviews.

Noom ranked # 13 in Best Diets Overall. 40 diets were reviewed with input from a panel of health and wellness specialists.

Noom is placed:
# 13 in Best Diet Overall
# Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets.
# Ideal Weight-Loss Diets
# 21 in Best Heart-Healthy Diets
# 22 in Best Diabetic issues Diets
# 4 in Best Diet Programs.
# 13 in Best Diet Plans for Healthy And Balanced Eating.
# 10 in Simplest Diet to Comply With.


Diverse foods and also flavors.
Filling- it’s abundant in high-fiber foods.
No off-limit foods or food groups.
A clearly defined strategy with dishes.


Lacks comprehensive nutritional advice.
Might fall short nutritionally.

Does Noom Work?

Can I Drop Weight on Noom?
You will likely slim down on Noom. In general, diet regimens that stress low calorie-dense foods have been shown to lead to weight-loss, according to the Centers for Condition Control and Avoidance.
Research study on low-calorie-dense diet plans (like volumetrics and comparable plans) supports their efficiency, including an organized review that found a link between low-density foods with both brief- as well as long-lasting weight management.
And also backing Noom’s app/coaching component: A 2017 study discovered that self-monitoring assists anticipate weight-loss success and also a 2020 research study recommends that technology-based interventions are most efficient when human comments and also assistance are integrated.
Noom does work.

Temporary Or Short Term Weight Management.

A UK research study compared weight reduction with a low-calorie-dense diet versus unrestricted eating in ladies with obesity or who are overweight. Those complying with low-calorie-dense diet plans lost extra weight as well as reported less food cravings during the 12-week research study duration.
According to company information, Noom users lose an average of 15 extra pounds in 16 weeks.

Long-Term Weight Management.

A large European research study of more than 9,500 grownups discovered those that consumed greater proportions of low-calorie-dense foods had lower body mass indexes, smaller waist dimensions and also were much less likely to have excessive weight.
According to the Noom website, the average weight management for individuals who finish the program is 7.5% of their body weight, with 60% of customers preserving their fat burning one year after being on the Noom program. Noom also says that amongst consumers checked, 95% claim Noom is an excellent long-lasting solution.

Noom Tip

Log every dish and also treat to track daily calories.
That keeps you “truthful” and aids you stay with the diet.

Health And Wellness Conveniences of Noom.

Because Noom’s approach is heavy on fruits and vegetables and light on processed foods, advantages may include reduced danger of heart disease, diabetes and more.


It’s not conclusive  taht the Noom program can have anti-inflammatory effects in the body.
  A small study has found that the advantageous impacts of a low-calorie-dense diet plan that’s rich in several healthy foods on enhancing weight-loss,
may reduce inflammation as well as cardiovascular danger factors.

Heart Disease.
Noom is mainly compatible with recommendations for a heart-healthy diet from nutritionists and the medical community. An eating pattern that encourages veggies, fruits and whole grains but is light on saturated fats and salt is considered the best way to keep cholesterol and blood pressure in check.

However, the plan does not directly address salt reduction. You can track blood pressure readings on the app.
A small study published in 2016 looked at the effect of a low-calorie-dense diet on reducing cardiovascular risks following recent weight loss. Among 70 participants, those on the low-calorie-dense diet reduced their blood levels of total cholesterol and (bad) LDL cholesterol.


It’s possible that Noom may help prevent or control diabetes. Being overweight is a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes and losing weight can lower your risk. Following a balanced diet low in sugary foods can reduce your long-term blood glucose levels.

Noom is included in the national registry of recognized diabetes prevention programs, which is compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In a study following more than 143,000 women for about 12 years, the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes was 24% higher for women who ate diets higher in calorie density compared to women who followed a low-energy-density diet.
Another study found that adults on a low-calorie-dense diet had lower fasting insulin levels than those on diets with more high-calorie-dense foods. Low-calorie-dense diets may help prevent insulin resistance, a common precursor to Type 2 diabetes.

smile girl calculate BMI
Health Risks of Noom.

Potential preoccupation with food thoughts from meal tracking.
Shame and body dissatisfaction possible with regular weigh-ins.
Could trigger disordered eating in vulnerable people.
No reports of serious side effects or risks from following Noom have surfaced. Noom initially recommended consuming no fewer than 1,200 calories per day for females and no fewer than 1,400 calories per day for males. Noom has since increased those minimums by 10%– so a daily minimum goal of 1,320 calories for women and 1,540 calories for men. Noom is intended for adults ages 18 or older.

 Noom uses a traffic-light system to motivate eating more green foods and less red foods. This is meant to be a calorie-density guide, but it might be hard for some people to untangle. When food is assigned a moral value, for some people it may lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.

Tracking behaviors can be very useful, but they’re not for everyone, along with regular weigh-ins.

Food Components That May Become Over-Consumed.

Added Sugar.

Sugar, sugary foods and beverages are “red” foods discouraged by Noom.

Saturated Fat.

Focusing on “green” whole foods and limiting “red” foods like processed meats should keep your saturated fat intake low.


You will have to take the initiative regarding salt/sodium levels for individual foods.

Who Should Not Try Noom?

Noom is not intended for anyone under 18, Noom is not for pregnant people and Noom is not for those with an active eating disorder.

What Does Noom Cost?

According to Noom, at the time of this post, most Noom Weight users begin with a four-month subscription that comes to $39.75/ month, billed upfront as a four-month auto-renewing plan at $159. You can cancel plans at any time.

What Other Costs Are Related to Noom?

Membership plans for Noom include multiple options, with decreasing monthly rates as you commit to more months upfront. Current costs range from a monthly auto-renewing plan at $60/month to an annual auto-renewing plan at $199/year.
You have access to the Healthy Weight app for food tracking, personal coaching, mini-lessons and other behavior-change and stress-management techniques.
You can incorporate exercise into your weight-loss routine. That may involve extra costs if you join a gym or take fitness classes. Exercise tracking is possible with the pedometer included in the app. You can sync Noom with technologies such as your Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garmin.

Doing Noom on a Budget.

You can tailor Noom so it fits your budget:.
Noom coupons and discount codes online.
Economical food choices like frozen or canned produce or in-season produce.

Is Noom Easy to Follow?

Noom is ranked # 10 in Easiest Diets to Follow.

Noom can be time-consuming. Logging every meal and responding to multiple messages from your coach and support group means Noom requires your attention (although in small increments) throughout the day.

On the other hand, with the Noom app, resources from recipes to coaching and group support are at your fingertips. Meal planning and shopping may not change that much from your pre-Noom routines. Because Noom is based on tweaking your personal food choices rather than restricting entire food groups, it may boost your chances of sticking to it over time.

Following Noom is fairly easy. The app’s food database includes hundreds of thousands of items, including whole foods, commercial products by brand name and menu selections from national restaurant chains. Noom provides nutritional tips in bite-sized doses as you go along each day– you won’t be overwhelmed with information at once.

The Noom app offers simple recipes. The app also alerts you if recipe items will take you over your daily calorie budget, which is instantly recalculated whenever your log meals or snacks. Nutrition information for each recipe is limited to calories counts for each ingredient. Fat, carbs, sodium, protein and other nutrient content are not addressed within recipes.

You should be able to feel full on Noom. By pairing low-caloric density, filling foods (like spinach or oatmeal) with modest portions of high-density foods (like desserts) you can satisfy cravings instead of feeling denied. Nutrition experts stress the importance of satiety, the feeling that you’ve had enough to eat.

Recipe and Meal Ideas for Noom.

Sample Day Menu for Noom.

Here’s a day of typical meals on Noom using app recipes to fit a 1,500 calorie budget.

Hearty breakfast egg sandwich.
Mexican coffee.
Autumn harvest pumpkin soup.
Fennel, orange and arugula salad.
Old-world (beef) goulash.
Three-berry compote (dessert).
Mustard-glazed snack mix.

Eating Out.

Eating out is easily possible. The Noom database includes meals from more than 850 restaurants and chains, or you can simply enter generic dishes.
A “Menu Decoder” piece guides you through types of foods like starters (appetizers) and points out specific dishes from a few chain restaurants with stunningly high calorie counts.
A quick pop quiz takes you through characteristics of typical restaurant meals, such as portion size, calorie density and salt quantity.
Word lists that relate to healthy (light, fresh, etc) or unhealthy (deep-fried, creamy) dishes can help narrow down your menu selection.
Alcohol is allowed– whatever fits into your suggested calorie range. However, wine is a “red” category item and should be consumed less frequently and in small amounts.

Shopping List Ideas for Noom.

You could invest in a food scale to help track portion sizes. Shopping for more green-category foods like produce and fewer foods like red and processed meats can set you up for healthier meals and weight-loss success.

What to Keep in the Kitchen.
Fruits and veggies.
Grains like couscous, quinoa and brown rice.
Non-fat yogurt and cheeses.
Canned beans and lentils.

Support and Resources for Noom.

If you’re looking to start the Noom diet or have already begun your dieting journey, it’s helpful to know the different ways you can receive support throughout the process:.

All services are delivered via the Noom app (one-on-one coaching and group coaching, support groups, tracking tools for food and exercise, interactive challenges, database of recipes, daily personalized lessons).
Noom blog for information and recipe ideas.
Private, unofficial support groups on Facebook.
Free pre-assessment and trial period.

You’ll get plenty of support and encouragement from your coach and assigned group of fellow Noom members. Noom app features include meal-tracking, motivational messages, nutrition and behavioral articles and eating-out tips.

Lose weight

How to Get Started on Noom.

You download the Noom app and click through a series of questionnaire screens with items such as your weight-loss goal, gender, age and starting weight, as well as your preferred weight-loss pace. Other screens woven into the mix include promotional messages, snippets of Noom philosophy and positive research results.

More in-depth demographic items probe your general diet, activity, lifestyle, environment, eating habits and health history. Based on your combined responses, you’re told the specific date by which you’ll reach your goal weight.

Once you join your support group, topics include tips on distraction-free eating, strategies for staying active, creative ways to drink water and motivation vs. momentum, among others.

Finding Recipes.

The Noom app offers simple recipes. The app also alerts you if recipe items will take you over your daily calorie budget, which is instantly recalculated whenever your log meals or snacks. Nutrition information for each recipe is limited to calories counts for each ingredient. Fat, carbs, sodium, protein and other nutrient content are not addressed within recipes.


Noom should be a healthy option for weight loss.  Noom provides you with everything you need to help you to lose weight and to maintain weight loss.  Noom, however, is going to require that you pay serious attention and involvement.  These requirements are a plus for many people and are going to help your efforts to lose weight.  Diligent attention is not a price that everyone is willing to pay.
INoom may not be for you, but every form of weight loss is going to require some kind of commitment.  If you commit to Noom, you should see results, even if you have not had success with previous attempts.

Noom  may not be the perfect diet for everyone, however, I give it two thumbs up.  It is a diet that is worthy of your attention and one that you may want to try.