Is there a weight loss formula that you can plug into and succeed?

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Is there a weight loss formula that you can plug into and succeed?

Hi, I am George Pierce, and I say YES!   Discovering this
formula was difficult, painful and elusive.  For a long time,
I thought that mediocre was my destiny.

You probably know that your thoughts, actions, and habits determine
your destiny.  Bad ones lead to a lifestyle that does not include
all that you want.  Good ones create a lifestyle that is full
of accomplishment.

People who succeed spend each day doing things that help them
accomplish their goals.  These daily actions add up and have a
positive impact.  These daily actions begin with thoughts, are
re-enforced with positive self talk and other affirmations.
After  just a few short weeks the positive actions become habits.

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One of my most powerful weught loss success tools was andstill is
‘learning’.  The more I learned about fast food, junk food,
processed food, and sugar, the more reasons that I had to lose weight
and to keep it off.  Coupling this knowledge with learning
about the perils of obesity, convinced me that a healthy weight was a MUST,
not an option.


There are several keys to success and I was lucky enough and diligent
enough to learn most of them.  The last key was what made all
the rest work, but it took me years to discover it.

Initially, I learned that I needed to Conceive, Believe, and Achieve
to be successful.  “Whatever the mind can conceive and
believe, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill.  If you can conceive that you
can lose weight, believe that you can lose weight, then you can achieve
weight loss…right?

In my case, there were more steps to this success formula, but I had
not learned them.  Why?  Like you may be, I was
unaware of what these steps were and not totally sure that they existed.

After much research and a lot of ‘positive thinking’ and no real
results, I had a revelation.  I concluded that believing was
only a first step. HUH?  In other words, I discovered that ‘I
believe I can’ is a great start but it is ultimately weak.  I believe I
can has to grow into ‘I KNOW I Can’.   My reasoning and my
revelation was and is that once you or I know
that we can succeed, success is guaranteed

I was not quite there…argghh… I still had more to learn.

I was making progress, real progress, but it did not show and I was not
even aware of this progress.  The progress that I was making
was ‘learning’ through my continued search and research..
For about another 3 1/2 more years, the last success ingredient escaped me.

I conceived, I believed, I KNEW, I learned, but I still did not
achieve.  What was missing?

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The final ingredient that eluded me for so long was GIVING!
What does giving have do with success or weight loss?
At that time, I did not see any correlation between giving and success.
Unfortunately, that is why it took me longer than it should
have for me to come to the realization that GIVING was a part of the

I’m not totally sure of all of its benefits, but in my case, the act of
giving of myself with no thought of remuneration, built my self
confidence, self esteem, and self worth.  Do NOT give for
those reasons….just give.  You will soon discover the unbelievable
benefits for yourself.  Best of all, you will be deserving and you
will be worthy of  losing weight.

Allow me to insert that we are all worthy, but we must be worthy in our mind’s eye.

Education and giving build inner value and our increased value attracts
a better lifestyle.

Just a few of the benefits of giving:
Lower blood pressure.
Increased self-esteem.
Less depression.
Lower stress levels.
Longer life.
Greater happiness.

There is also a law of nature… the more we give, the more that we
will receive.  Who am I to argue with Mother Nature.

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To recap:

Conceive...see yourself losing weight, see yourself at a healthy weight, see yourself
enjoying the benefits.
Believe and grow that belief into knowing that you can do this, because you really can.
Educate:…learn and continue to learn about weight loss, good foods, bad foods, obesity,
etc. so that your desire for a healthy lifestyle gets stronger and stronger.
Be Worthy by Giving...give of yourself and your time with
no thought of reciprocity.
Achieve, your success is inevitable.

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