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As our move progresses, you will find that more and more pages will bring you to our new website: Win At Losing Weight Now.  

Software problems created the need to make our move.  Our new location is about 8 times faster which is much better for mobile users.  You will also find that our content has been expanded and updated and improved during the move.

Thanks for your cooperation.

George Pierce

Welcome to the Win At Losing Weight Library!

The more you know, the better chance you have of winning, whether you are trying to lose weight,

fight cancer, or fight diabetes. Unfortunately, excess weight can trigger a number of diseases.

Diabetes and cancer are two.

The Win At Losing Weight Library will has five branches. You will find three branches for weight loss, one for cancer and one for diabetes.

Weight Loss Library (Amazon)

Weight Loss Library (books that Amazon does not have)

Cancer Library

Diabetes Library

There is also a free library for members in the members area.

Click Here for your free membership.