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The Taco Diet/
Taco Cleanse Review

by George Pierce
George Pierce Win At Losing Weight
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The Taco Diet/Taco Cleanse is not really a diet.  Per CBSN, "The authors of "The Taco Cleanse" Stephanie Bogdanich, Wes Allison, and Jessica Morris, explain the tongue-in-cheek book to CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers."

"The Taco Cleanse"

Although the Taco Cleanse is somewhat of a spoof, it does contain 75 vegan taco recipes.   I love taco, perhaps you do too.  Eating at least one taco at each meal might get tiresome after a few days.

Taco Bell and only Taco Bell for a week.

The Taco Cleanse should act like a cleanse for most  people, since it is vegan based.

Beef Taco Recipe

A Cleanse is Temporary.

If you are using a cleanse, the Taco Cleanse, or any other cleanse for weight loss, I feel that you are making a mistake.  Cleanses are temporary...but the mistake is that you are dieting with a 'temporary' mindset.  You are creating a weight loss habit that may make future dieting more difficult.  

4 Kinds Of Chicken Tacos

When choosing a diet, search for one that is a good fit for you.  Search for a diet that you can live with now and one that you can continue to live with.  Look for a diet that can help you to create a healthy lifestyle.  Begin your weight loss journey with a 'temporary' mindset and it will be temporary.  Begin with a diet with a 'permanent' mindset to enable your long term success.

How To Make Taco Bell's Entire Menu Part One

How To Make Taco Bell's Entire Menu Part 2

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Fresco Soft Tacos, Ranchero Chicken, or Grilled Steak (two tacos).
Calories: 320-340.
Total fat: 8-9 g.
Saturated fat: 3 g.
Sodium: 1,100-1,460 mg.   (2300mg RDA)
Fiber: 4-6 g.

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