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George Pierce


The Slim Fast Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The Slim Fast Diet is a well known meal replacement diet.  According to Slim Fast, you will lose one to two pounds per week on their diet.  The diet is based on meal and snack replacement, accompanied by one home cooked low calorie meal daily.

How does it work?

Diet aids such as a weight loss diet drink began in the 1930s.  Slim Fast originally was a diet shake and now is a whole line of weight loss products including shakes, snack bars, powders, smoothie mixes, and meal bars.  The plan is that you replace two meals and three snacks per day with Slim Fast products which are nutritious and low in calories and prepare one 500 calorie meal per day.  You will eat six times daily.  Slim Fast has added an advanced energy line of products which include more protein.

Your result will be about a 1200 calorie intake daily for women and about 1600 calories for men, which should help you to lose weight.  .


What you can and cannot eat.

The original shakes include 10g of protein, 5g fiber, and 24 vitamins and minerals.  These shakes should stave off hunger for up to 4 hours and presently come in 5 different flavors.  The Advanced Energy shakes have 20g protein.

The snacks include cookies, bars, chips, muffins, soups, and crisps.  All are low calorie and most include protein and fiber.

Your home cooked meal will be around 500 calories and Slim Fast provides many recipes for you to pick from.   Your meal will be made up of about 50% veggies and  25% lean protein and 25% starch such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta or bread.

No food is off limits.  The diet prefers that you eliminate alcohol, but a once in a while drink is allowed.  


Exercising daily is recommended.  No specific exercise plan is offered.


There are no in person meetings.

The difficulty level is considered to be about medium.  The daily reliance on Slim Fast foods may get monotonous for some people, but there are about 20 meal replacement options and more snack options.

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Vegan or vegetarian?

Vegetarians should be able to adapt this diet without too much difficulty, but vegans may find it difficult to make adapt.

Gluten Free?

The meal replacements are gluten free.  Some of the other products may not be, so check the labels or check with the company.  


You can purchase Slim Fast products online and in grocery stores and drug stores.  At the time of this post, Walmart was running a 19 package special for $75.00,  you can choose a combination of 19 Slim Fast items (for example: 6 Boxes Meal Bars, 5 Boxes Snack Bars & 8 Boxes Shakes).  This means a cost of about $3.95 per package when purchased in the 19 pkg. combo.

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Does it work?

Yes.  The diet claims that it has clinical studies to prove that it works and it does.  Ditschuneit, Flechtner-Mors, Johnson, and Adler (1999), Heber, and Ashley, Wang, and Elashoff (1994), both concluded that the diet will help you to lose weight and to maintain weight loss.   However, McGuire, Wing, Klem, Seagle, and Hill (1998) , found that "a liquid meal replacement is effective in treating obese patients, thus supporting the claims made by the Slim-Fast® Company.  However, this study also notes the extreme importance of physical activity in maintaining weight loss."


A 2016 published study in BMC Public Health, which observed seven articles that compared weight loss plans including this diet and Weight Watchers did not find that any one of these commercial diets seemed to be better than another.  

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Customer satisfaction.:

Most customers seem to give five stars or one star.  A repeated complaint was about a changes in the shake, according to some of the customers, the taste had changed from good to bad and the new shake was said to be gritty


Lose weight
The 3-2-1 Plan makes tracking what you eat easy.
No guesswork, just choose the flavor of your shake or snack.
Lots of recipes.
Good tips, strategies, and meal planning suggestions.
Eating out is allowed, but aim for a 300 calorie meal for lunch and a 500-600 calorie meal for dinner.  Dinning tips include having roasted or grilled entrees and steamed vegetables.
According to US. News and World Report who ranks the top diets each year, the diet was ranked tied for 5th as the best weight loss diet and 20th as the best over all diet.
The diet is considered to be nutritious and safe.


Being somewhat limited on your replacement meal and snack choices may get boring over time.
Calorie counting is recommended.

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The advantage of saving you time and effort, by reducing meal planning and prep time are certainly valuable in our fast paced world.  You also have many delicious options for your home cooked meal.  I give the diet a thumbs up. If you feel that this diet might be a good fit for you, I suggest that you add it to your list of weight loss options.  

May I suggest:

Losing weight long term requires a 'lifestyle change'.  Preparing one healthy meal per day and lowering your calories and exercising is a huge step in the right direction.  My suggestion is to consider  weaning yourself off the Slim Fast products over time.  The D.A.S.H. Diet or the Mediterranean diet are just two of many diets that might help you to remove your Slim Fast dependence over time and to complete a permanent and lasting weight loss and weight maintenance plan.  

I thank you for reading, my friends, and wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
WALW Founder

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The Top 10 Commercial Diets

Which Commercial Diets are the best?

According to the US News and World Report the top commercial diets are:

#1:  May Clinic Diet- (tie for #1 in best commercial diets) a highly nutritious diet and moderately effective for losing weight.  This diet is is tie for the 4th best diet overall.
3.9/5 Overall Score
3.3/5 Weight Loss
4.5/5 Healthy

#1:  Weight Watchers Diet - (tie for #1 in best commercial diets) an effective weight loss diet which is strong on support.  
3.9/5 Overall Score
4.1/5 Weight Loss
4.4/5 Healthy

#3:  Jenny Craig Diet - a prepackaged diet that is delivered to your door.  It costs more than the others.  
3.7/5 Overall Score
3.7/5 Weight Loss
4.1/5 Healthy

The 3 Week Diet

#4:  Biggest Loser Diet - a diet that focuses on making better food choices and exercise.
3.4/5 Overall Score
3.5/5 Weight Loss
3.7/5 Healthy

#5:  Flat Belly Diet - (tie for #5 in best commercial diets) a diet that allows us to eat fat and still lose weight.  
3.3/5 Overall Score
3.0/5 Weight Loss
3.9/5 Healthy

#5:  Nutrisystem Diet - (tie for #5 in best commercial diets) a diet that is delivered to you.
3.3/5 Overall Score
3.1/5 Weight Loss
3.7/5 Healthy

#5:  Spark Solution Diet - (tie for #5 in best commercial diets) an online weight loss community that focuses on low calories, exercise and increased metabolism.
3.3/5 Overall Score
3.4/5 Weight Loss
3.9/5 Healthy


#8: HMR Program - a meal replacement diet that claims you will lose more weight with their diet.

#9:  Slim Fast Diet - a convenient grab and go diet that replaces two meals and snacks daily.
3.2/5 Overall Score
3.5/5 Weight Loss
3.3/5 Healthy

#10 South Beach Diet - a 3 phase diet that aids weight loss but the experts feel that it is difficult for long term.
3.1/5 Overall Score
3.2/5 Weight Loss
3.3/5 Healthy

Most commercial diets have one or more outstanding strengths such as convenience or support.  

The above rankings are based on US. New and World Report at the time of this publication.


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The 3 Week Diet