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George Pierce


Raspberry Ketone Review!
by George Pierce


Raspberry Ketone (RK) may stimulate the body's production of adiponectin, which is a hormone that improves your ability to metabolize fat and help regulate your weight.
What Is Raspberry Ketone?

 RK is a chemical. This chemical is made from raspberries.  A synthetic version can also be manufactured.  Contrary to what you may read, Raspberry Ketone is an aroma compound used primarily (Pre-Dr. Oz) in the food industry, the perfume industry, and cosmetics.  The FDA considers it SAFE.   The yield of  natural Raspberry Ketone compound is very low, so the price is extremely high, thus the synthetic compound is widely used.  Other uses are for weight loss, hair loss, and obesity.  

Some people claim to have lost weight with Raspberry Ketone.
The expensive natural compound is made from raspberries which means that you will acquire some of the added benefits of raspberries such as being high in anti-oxidants.
Hopefully you will combine your intake of  RK with diet and exercise, which are a huge help for weight loss and lots more health benefits.
Some RK users claim to have an increase in energy and awareness.  
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Raspberry Ketone has not been proven to be of help for weight loss in humans.  There is no proof, no research and no clinical studies to validate RK as having any benefit regarding weight loss.  The only studies  are in mice.  The results were encouraging and showed that RK inhibited fat absorption and reduced overall weight.  Unfortunately, it is a far stretch to say that this will work on humans. 

If Raspberry Ketone is such a "miracle in a bottle", several studies would already have been made to prove its effectiveness.

Side Effects:

Most sources claim that there are no side effects or that there is not enough evidence about possible side effects.  


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Does not work?

Some RK users claim to have no weight loss from RK
Some RK users claim to have suffered from fatigue and a general feeling of not being well.
Some RK users claimed to experience high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Synthetic vs. Natural:

Neither of these may work, that being said, there is no proof that the natural RK is any better than the synthetic.  Be careful of high priced products that are not yet proven to work!




The cost is about $20 to $60+ per month.  




  • The truth is that Raspberry Ketone has NO verifiable proof that it will help you with weight loss or obesity (disappointment #1)
  • The Truth is that we are shocked that Dr. Oz would endorse Raspberry Ketone (disappointment #2)
Not only does Dr. Oz endorse Raspberry Ketone, he calls it a "miracle in a bottle".  It is not!   

The Dr. Oz TV Show is a very popular health and weight loss TV program. If a health product or service is mentioned on the Dr. Oz Show, it can get catapulted to a new awareness.  If  Dr. Oz recommends a product or service, it can mean over night stardom!   This kind of power is scary, but we thought that it was safe in the hands of Dr. Oz. 

Since RK was praised by Dr. Oz, many are probably going to try it, regardless of what they that you have learned the truth, we urge you to not to try it.
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You are probably wasting your money. You are also likely to be wasting your time and energy on another weight loss failure.  Most of us can only take so many weight loss failures. 

Before you decide to try Raspberry Ketone, may I suggest that you browse our Website.  You will find other weight loss alternatives with much more promise!  

I give Raspberry Ketone "Two Thumbs Down"!

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success with your weight loss quest.

Kindest Regards,
George Pierce
Founder WALW

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