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The Perricone Diet/
Perricone Weight Loss Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The Perricone Diet or the Perricone Weight Loss Diet  is named after its creator, Nicholas Perricone, MD.  The focus of the diet is to eat anti-inflammatory foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.  According to Dr. Perricone, the result will be a loss in weight and a bonus of beautiful younger looking skin.  In addition, you will experience other benefits such as more energy, better mental clarity, and a boost in your well bing.  

How does the Perricone Diet work?

Inflammation is one of the major causes of cell damage and aging.   An Anti-inflammatory diet should reduce or reverse this damage.  This means that you can fight the signs of aging from the inside out while you are losing weight.

The diet is a 28 day diet, but you should see results in as soon as 3 days.

What you can eat:

In order to get your omega 3 fatty acids, you will be eating lots of fish and fish oil supplements.  Fruits and vegetables and seeds and nuts make up a large portion of the diet which includes kale, avocados, pears, spinach, apples, cauliflower, flax seeds, chili peppers, walnuts, almonds, lentils, and beans.  Also included is buckwheat and oats and low fat dairy.

Fish will be your protein of choice, chicken is fine and so is red meat (organic is preferred).

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What you cannot eat:

Any food that is made with flour, sugar and  any other sweetener is considered inflammatory.  This means that foods such as cereals, crackers, breads,  fruit juice, fried foods, pizza, pasta, jelly, rice, potatoes, snack foods such as chips and pretzels, tacos, tortillas, soda, sorbets, yogurt, and ice cream are off limits.  

Each of your meals will include a protein.  The diet says to eat your protein first which will suppress your appetite.  Each meal will also include a carb and essential fatty acids.  You are allowed up to 2 oz. of rich antioxidant dark chocolate daily.  

A one day Perricone Diet sample menu:

3-4 ounces smoked Nova Scotia salmon
½ cup slow-cooked oatmeal
1 teaspoon slivered almonds
8 ounces green tea or water

4-6 ounce grilled turkey burger (no bun)
Lettuce and a tomato slice
½ cup three-bean salad (chickpeas, kidney, black beans dressed with olive oil, fresh lemon juice and a minced clove of garlic) served on a bed of cabbage leaves
8 ounces water

6 ounces unflavored Greek yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon pomegranate juice
8 ounces water

1 cup lentil soup
Spiced Diver Scallops*
Green salad dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice
2-inch wedge of cantaloupe
8 ounces water

1 hard-boiled egg
2 celery sticks
3 Brazil nuts
8 ounces water

The Perricone Prescription is a 28 day menu list.


The 3 Day Diet is Dr. Perricone's suggested precursor or jump start to the Perricone Diet.  

A one day sample menu for Dr. Perricone's 3 Day Diet:


3-egg omelet and/or 4-6 ounce grilled salmon
½ cup cooked oatmeal (not instant)
2 inch wedge of cantaloupe or ⅓ cup fresh berries
No juice, coffee or toast (replace coffee with black or green tea to prevent caffeine withdrawal)
8-12 ounces spring water


4-6 ounces grilled salmon (or canned salmon)
2 cups green salad made with romaine lettuce or other dark, leafy greens (dress with extra virgin olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice)
1 kiwi fruit or cantaloupe and berries as above
8-12 ounces spring water


4-6 ounces grilled salmon
Green salad as described above
½ cup steamed veggies (especially asparagus, broccoli, spinach; no root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips)
Cantaloupe and berries
8-12 ounces spring water

Before Bedtime Snack

1 apple
2-ounce slice of turkey breast of 6 ounces plain Greek yogurt
Small handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds


The diet is based on

Low glycemic carbs such as colorful fruits, veggies, and whole grains like oatmeal and legumes.
8 to 10 glasses of water and antioxidant beverages such as green tea
Healthy protein, especially cold water fish such as wild salmon, herring, sardines, halibut, and anchovies, along with seeds, nuts, and olive oil.

Organic foods are recommended.

Your eating regimen will be three meals and two snacks daily.  


Regular exercise is promoted for about 30 -45 minutes daily four days per week.

Level of difficulty:

Medium.  You will have many great foods and meals to eat, but you will be giving up a number of foods.  Avoiding foods with sugar or flour may be a challenge for some people.



Perricone wants you to take Perricone's supplements.  These are an important factor in his diet.  You will take a packet of 8 supplements plus an omega 3 supplement, 3 times daily, a total of 27 supplements each day.


Perricone's supplements cost about $238 per month.  


There is no support, you are on your own.

Vegan or Vegetarian?

You will need to get your omega 3 from sources such as canola, soybean oil. walnuts, or soybeans.  

Gluten free?

You should be able to adapt this diet to gluten free, just watch the labels.  


Does the Perricone Diet Work?

You should lose weight.  The diet is high in fiber to help you to feel satisfied.   Fish which is the preferred protein is a great source of healthy fats along with Selenium and Vitamin D.  


Lose weight
Less inflammation
Look and feel better
Look and feel younger
Healthy eating
Reduced risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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Restrictive, giving up sugar and flour may be difficult for some.
No sugar
No flour
Liking fish seems to be a plus, disliking fish and seafood may be a major problem
Meal planning
Meal  preparation
High cost of Perricone supplements


The Perricone Diet is a healthy diet and you should lose weight and keep it off.  The diet, however, is not for everyone.  Foods like bread, cereal, pasta, pizza, etc. may be hard to give up and the supplements may be expensive for some.  I give the diet a thumbs up, but I am reluctant to recommend it.  If this diet is a good fit for you, consider adding it to your list of weight loss options.  If it is not a good fit, there are many other great diets for you to consider.

Thank you for reading, my friends.
I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight founder

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Anti-inflammatory Diets!

Being over weight, in itself, is considered to be a cause of inflammation.  So eating healthy foods and losing weight will help twofold.

Some foods cause inflammation.  Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole foods, fatty fish, plant based proteins, herbs and spices are considered to be anti-inflammatory.

These same foods are what most dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, and health experts recommend.  The bottom line is that nearly every healthy diet will be anti-inflammatory.


Most experts feel that the foods in the Mediterranean diet are anti-inflammatory.


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