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Nutrisystem Diet Review

by George Pierce
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Each year, experts for U.S. New and World Report rank the top diets. Nutrisystem ranked #16 in Best Diets Overall.  Out of the 38 diets that were ranked, Nutrisystem ranked about in the middle.  On the other hand, of the thousands of diets that are available, coming in at 16th for Best Diet Overall is quite impressive.  

Nutrisystem Diet can help you to lose weight.  There is also a Nutrisystem D which focuses on Diabetes prevention and control.  The newest version of their diet is 'Lean 13'.  The Lean 13 Plan claims that women will lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches during the first month.  Lean 13 says that men will lose up to 15 pounds and 7 inches in the first month.  

How Does the Nutrisystem Diet Work?

The idea behind the Nutrisystem is that planned meals, delivered to your door, will help you to lose weight. Nutrisystem delivers healthy pre-planned meals.  Portion control, planning, calorie counting, carb counting, and preparation are done for you.   Your advantage is that your meals are all laid out for you to follow making the Nutrisystem Diet the 11th Easiest To Follow diet.  

With Nutrisystem, your breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared for you along with dessert.  You add fruit, vegetables, and snacks.

Easy Budget Meals Your Family Will Love

What You Can and Cannot Eat

For breakfast, your choices include pancakes, granola, oatmeal and muffins.

You lunch and dinner choices include, chicken, stew, pasta, tacos, pizza, and chili.

Desserts include cake, cookies, and brownies.

You have lots of veggie, fruits, nuts, dairy, meat, and other foods that you can add to your Nutrisystem meals.  

Your caloric intake will be about 25% from fat, 25% form protein, and 50% from carbs.  Your meals will focus on smart carbs.  Smart carbs do not raise your blood sugar levels as much as other foods.  You will limit foods or avoid foods such as white rice, certain fruits and bread.  Your Nutrisystem meals will be relatively low in sodium (about 2,000 mg daily).

The following is a Nutrisystem comparison of one of  its blueberry muffins vs. a well known doughnut chain’s reduced-fat blueberry muffin.
                            Nutrisystem    Doughnut Chain
Calories                     170                  410
Fat (grams)                  3                     10
Carbs (grams)            29                     75
Fiber (grams)               6                       2
Sugar (grams)              9                     40

Your weight loss will be due to reduced calories.  

The level of difficult is considered to be about medium.  You will have about 100 to 150 meals depending on the plan you choose and a large variety of foods that you can add.   Very little cooking is needed, since nearly all your meals are ready to eat or just need to be heated.  


Clinical Studies:  

2 Studies made by Foster GD on Nutrisystem D showed an average weight loss of   7.5%.  One study was over 3 months, the other was 6 months.
Click here to view abstract 1,  Click here to view abstract 2.

Nutrisystem backed study by Florida University of 41 obese women showed a 5.8%  loss primarily in body fat in the abdominal region.  "Another key finding was that the addition of low intensity resistance exercise to a hypocaloric diet can preserve lean mass."


According to U.S. News and World Report, Nutrisystem scored a 3.3 out of 5.  The weak point was that it scored poorly as a long term diet with a low 2.6 rating.

The Walmart Nutrisystem product line shows that out of a little over 100 reviews, 70 gave it five stars out of five with an overall rating of 4.6 stars.



At least 30 minutes of exercise is recommended daily.  You can break your exercise up into 3 periods at 10 minutes each.  

Meetings:  None.  

Vegetarian or Vegan?  Vegetarian is an option, but Vegan is not yet an option.

Diabetes?  Yes.  Nutrisystem D is designed for diabetics.

Food Cost:  Your Nutrisystem food cost for women should run about $300 to $350 per month (30 days).  You plans are for 28 days.  Shipping is free.  Men can expect $340 to $400+ per month (30 days).  Plans are for 28 days.  There are presently Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours Plans to choose from.  The Basic Plan chooses your meals and foods.  The Core Plan allows you to choose from about 100 different foods.  The Uniquely Yours allow you to choose from about 150 foods and any frozen meals.

Nutrisystem provides a weight loss app to help you with tips, tools, and tracking.

Money back guarantee:

Nutrisystem's money back guarantee is a bit tricky.  Read the fine print. At the time of this post, it was on new or first time four week orders, all foods must be sent back within the first 14 days, and you cover the shipping costs.


Does the Nutrisystem Diet Work?

Yes, you should lose weight because of lower calories.  Most diets such as Nutrisystem work short term and usually work well.  According to a 2015 study by Johns Hopkins Medicine, commercial diets have little reliable evidence that they will work long term. According to the study, commercial diets offer no benefits over a 12 month period.  

Nutrisystem Diet Positives:

Lose weight
Eat healthier
Delivered to your door
Almost no prep
Very little planning

Nutrisystem Diet Negatives:

Cost may be a concern for some.
Eating out is difficult.
You do not learn proper weight loss skills and habits.
Long term results are dismal.
Once you stop, the weight is likely to return.



For some of us, losing weight is often triggered by a feeling of desperation.  Nutrisystem will help you to lose weight, but your long term outlook is poor.  My opinion is that you have many other choices that might suit you better.  I do not give the Nutrisystem Diet a thumbs down, but since it may be expensive for some folks and lacks long term success and long term training to get you off Nutrisystem and on your own, I do not recommend that you add it to your list of weight loss options.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

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Commercial diets:

Although clinical studies indicate that commercial diets are not going to help you for the long term, most commercial diets, Nutrisystem included, help you to lose more weight and to lose it faster for the short term.

In my humble opinion, the problem with most commercial diets is that htey do not teach you the skills and strategies that allow you to succeed on your own and long term. 

If you were taught to wean yourself off the commercial diet completely and to succeed at losing weight once and for all, you would no longer be a customer and would never be a return customer. 





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