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Military Diet Review

by George Pierce
George Pierce photo
Military Diet Header

The Military Diet is a three day on, four day off, weight loss diet. Lose ten pounds in three days is its claim to fame.

What is the Military Diet?

It is a fast weight loss diet that is designed to help you lose as much as ten pounds in your first week. You follow the diet for three days. For the next four days, you maintain a 1500 calorie per day eating regimen.

The Military Diet has nothing to do with any branch of the military. It is, however, a no nonsense military approach to lose weight.

It does allow you to drink coffee (black). It does allow you to eat ice cream! YES! Eating ice cream and losing ten pounds can create a lot of interest and appeal, thus the Military Diet is presently one of the most popular diets on the Internet.

What can you eat?

Military Diet day 1 breakfast

For a full menu click for free access:

Military Diet menu plan

Does it work?

Yes. Any diet that lowers your caloric intake should help you to lose weight. Creating a caloric deficit means weight loss, and with this diet you should lose weight and lose it fast.


vanilla ice cream cone

Easy to follow
No counting
No exercise is required
Fast weight loss
Significant weight loss
Seems to be safe (see your doctor before you try it)
Allows Vanilla Ice Cream and Coffee


No exercise
Short term
You will gain the weight back and probably more.
You will be hungry for the three days.
You will be dehydrated.


thumb down silhouette

Short term diets are not really good for you. Exercise is not included in this diet and exercise is crucial for long life and long term weight loss.

I cannot recommend this diet. You are subjecting your body to a Yo Yo Effect that means gaining all your lost weight back and perhaps more. Even worse is that you are mentally associating diet with 'short term' which is a huge mistake.

If you feel that you MUST utilize a diet of this type, be sure to contact your health professional first. The advantage that the Military diet has over other fast weight loss diets is that it is all laid out for you and with no special foods.

Never the less, this is a short term diet which is a bad weight loss choice, so I give the Military Diet two thumbs down.

Thank you for reading, my friend, I wish you much success n your weight loss journey.

Kindest Regards,
George Pierce

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