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George Pierce


Master Your Metabolism Review

by George Pierce
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Master Your Metabolism

Jillian Michaels is the well known author of Master Your Metabolism.  She gained notoriety as a personal trainer on the TV show, The Biggest Loser.  Since then she has authored several books, created fitness DVD's and has come up with her own weight loss programs.

The goal of her book is swapping unhealthy foods which she calls anti-nutrients with healthy organic and natural foods.  Jillian includes sample menus and lots of recipes to help you.

There are three steps to achieve this goal:

Stage 1:  In this stage you will be removing foods that contain refined grains, hydrogenated fats, glutamates, high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colors from your diet.  During this stage, it is also recommended that you cut back on starchy vegetables such as dried fruits, tropical fruits, potatoes, as well as soy,  fatty meats, full fat dairy, canned foods, alcohol, and caffeine.  The diet bans all hydrogenated fats, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, refined grains, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colors, glutamates (like MSG), and other chemical additives.

Stage 2:  During this stage you are introduced to Jillian's Ten Power Nutrient Foods.  This includes fruits and veggies with color, alliums such as onions and leeks, berries, eggs, meats, beans, peas, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and organic low fat dairy.

Stage 3:  In this stage, you will implement food combinations, quantities and timing in order to maximize your metabolism.  You will learn to never skip breakfast and to eat every 4 hours and to  not eat after 9PM.  Each meal  and snack will be a 'combination' of  fat carb, and protein.

Although non-organic is alright, Jillian recommends organic.  This includes organic produce, eggs, dairy, and meats.

This diet is medium to high in difficulty, depending on your present eating habits.

Exercise:  Jillian suggests 4-5 hours of intensive fitness training per week.

Gluten Free?  You should be able to make this diet a gluten free diet without much difficulty.

Vegan or Vegetarian?   Since protein is an integral part of Jillian's 'combinations', vegan or vegetarian may not work well.

Diabetes?  This diet may be a good option for diabetics.  A reminder that exercise affects blood sugar, so see your doctor first.

Cost:  Your grocery bill may be a little higher due to eating organic.

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Healthy eating
Lose weight
More energy
Feel Better
Look Better
Sustainable (Molly Morgan, RD, says "the Master Your Metabolism plan appears to have components that can help people not only lose weight, but keep it off later.")
Lowers risk of obese related disease such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.
Lots of recipes, suggestion, advice and help.


No sugar and no artificial sweeteners which is a good thing but may be difficult for some folks.
No meetings, you are on your own.  However,  you can click here for a list of 22 online forums and communities.
Plan and prepare and cook meals.

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If cooking or making meals is not your thing or no sweets is a deal breaker, then Master Your Metabolism may not be for you.  I am not a fan of most diets that limit or exclude foods, but what this diet excludes should be excluded from our diet.  Master Your Metabolism is healthy and sustainable and the steps in stage 3 are sound ways to boost your metabolism (see Boost Your Metabolism).  I give the diet two thumbs up and recommend that you add it to your list of weight loss options.  

Thanks for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

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jillian michaels

About Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is actually Jillian Leigh McKarus.  She is a fitness personal trainer celebrity.  In addition to her TV time on The Biggest Loser, you may also know her appearances on The Doctors and her host and co-judge on Sweat.

Jillian has a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).  PCOS is an illness that can  cause hormonal problems which can cause weight gain.  Jillian has taken her own experience with battling hormonal issues and her years of training and helping others and created Master Your Metabolism.  

Her book, Master Your Metabolism,  provides advice and help with making lifestyle changes for better health and weight loss.

jiilian michaels 2017

Her personal training includes a blend of Pilates, Yoga, Kick Boxing, weight training and plyometrics.

Jillian's 'Master Your Metabolism' and  'Unlimited' has both been NY Times Best Sellers.

Jillian has holds two personal training certificates from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) and The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).  She is also Kettlebell Concepts certified. Jillian also holds a nutrition and wellness consultant certificate with the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA)

In 2014, she introduced her active wear line, Impact by Jillian Michaels at KMART and in 2015 she added athletic foot-wear for women and children.

Jillian's latest venture in 2017,  has been her partnering with an Organic Restaurant/Playground called Giggles and Hugs.  

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