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The Fast Food Diet Review

by George Pierce
George Pierce photo Win At Losing Weight
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The Fast Food Diet is based on eating fast food and losing weight.  Although it may seem impossible, this six week diet plan claims that you can eat fast food and lose weight.

What is the Fast Food Diet?

The Fast Food Diet was created by cardiologist Stephen Sinatra,  MD.  His diet claims that you can still eat out, visit the drive through regularly, not do much cooking and lose weight.  He bases it on what he calls his 80/20 rule...if you eat right 80% of the time, you can falter a bit 20% of the time and still lose weight.  The idea is to carefully select your fast foods.

The diet has you eat three meals per day and two snacks.  Most foods are not off limits, but fried foods and sugary soft drinks are not allowed.   The diet provides good alternatives and  tips for lowering fat and calories.

Some of the foods that are allowed are foods such as cheeseburgers and pizza.

Exercise:  Dr. Sinatra mentions walking but does not insist on it.

Super size me in 7 min.  (the full length version is 2 hours)  Morgan Spurlock gained 25 lbs.

Fast Food Diet Sample:


Hardee's Frisco Breakfast Sandwich


Supermarket almonds


Burger King Original Whopper Jr. with a garden salad


McDonald's Fruit ’n Yogurt parfait


Church's Chicken fried chicken breast, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes

The Fast Food Diet says “Lose Weight and Feel Great Even if You’re Too Busy to Eat Right.”  What this means is that you do not have to make a lot of sacrifices to lose weight, a few small adjustments will work.  You can eat fast foods, but substitute poor choices with healthier options.

The Fast Food Diet provides you with a list of those healthier fast food  options.

Will Sexton documents his fast food weight loss experience.  It includes fried foods but watches calories.
Will managed to lose 13 pounds his first month and over 50 pounds in six months.
This video is his answer to 'Super Size Me" (above) by Morgan Spurlock who gained 25 pounds on a Mcdonalds Diet. Will claims that Spurlock was reckless.

Does it work?

Yes and No.  As to whether or not it works will depend on your food choices.  


Little to no cooking
No food prep
No food planning
Helps you to watch what you eat.
Little work or effort is required


Easy...some of us may need a stricter diet.
May be high in sodium
For people with health conditions, eating at home is usually preferable.

My be nutritional deficient.
No Support, no meetings



The level of effort is easy, which most of should like, I do.  If you make good fast food choices, this diet should help you to lose weight.  I feel that there are healthier options that this diet and that is it not a wise long term choice, so I do not give it a thumbs up....but I am not going to give it a thumbs down either.  

For those of you that are having to eat a lot of fast food, this diet is worth considering as a temporary diet, and for those of you that have had little success with dieting, the ease of this diet may make it worth consideration as a temporary diet.  When I say temporary, I am not inferring that you quit in six weeks or six months.  When I say temporary, I am inferring that you upgrade to another diet at a future point.  The idea is that this diet may help teach you some of the basic strategies that you need to lose weight and once those strategies start to become habits you may be ready to move on to a healthier choice.

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You did say that it was OK to eat pizza?