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Atkins 40 Diet Review
by George Pierce
George Pierce Photo Win At Losing Weight
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The Atkins 40 is a low carb diet.  It is based on the original Atkins Diet, now referred to as the Atkins 20,  but rather than beginning with 20 carbs per day, you can start with 40 carbs.

How Does It Work?

You can start with a total of 40 carbs per day, actually you start with 40 Net Carbs.  Net Carbs are the total carb content of a food minus the fiber content (and sugar alcohols, if they are present).  On the Atkins 40 you will eat high fiber vegetables, healthy fats (olive oil, avocados, nuts, butter),  protein (fish/seafood, poultry, beef, pork, eggs, plant-based), low-glycemic fruits (berries, cherries, melon), and dairy (cheese, Greek yogurt).

As long as you stay in your carb range, you are also allowed to eat legumes, higher starch vegetables and whole grains.

You will eat three servings of protein per day (4-6 oz. per serving) along with two to four servings of fat daily.

The Atkins 40 Carb Breakdown:

10 carbs per meal, 3 meals per day= 30 carbs.
5 carbs per snack, 2 snacks per day+ 10 carbs.

fruit in bowls

Example Meal Plan


Cheese and Spinach Omelet Topped with Avocado and Salsa and 1 Piece of Whole Grain Toast


Handful of Walnuts


Roast Chicken Stir Fry


1/4 Cup of Blueberries


Salad and Atkins Frozen Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Click Here for your free Atkins 40 Quick Start Meal Plan pdf,  2 weeks of meals and a shopping list.

Does It Work?

Yes, lower your carb intake should mean lowering your weight.

woman with weight exercising


Relatively Easy, your initial adjustment to 40g of net carbs may be difficult if you are a carb lover.
Convenient, Atkins frozen meals are prepackages and ready to serve.
Lots of delicious foods and an abundance of recipes.
Designed for the long term.
Tested and proven to work.


Higher cost for food, Forbes says Atkins is 80% higher than American national average.
No exercise is included.
Side effects should be minor but may include diarrhea, rashes, muscle cramps, and general weakness.

FYI:  Originally the Atkins Diet put no limit on meats and cheeses.  Although gorging on protein was once OK, it it not advocated in the later versions.  According to Dr. Atkins, his diet is "not a license to gorge".  Simply eat until you are satisfied, which is a good rule for any diet.

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The Atkins Diet works in most cases.  What I feel sets this diet apart from many is the fact that it focuses on a long term strategy.  When you begin a diet with a long term goal and mindset, your chances of success go up.  I suggest that you add exercise, about 1/2 hour per day or more is what most experts agree on,.  

I feel that the Atkins 20 is a bit tougher, since you start with 20g Net carb vs. 40g, but both versions are worth adding to your list of diet choices.  I give the Atkins 40 Diet a thumbs up.

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Found Win At Losing Weight

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