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DAY IN A LIFE OF A TYPE 1 DIABETIC  I've had Type 1 diabetes for about 6 years.

A CURE for Type 1 Diabetes has been found in mice!  

A cure in humans is hopefully to happen in about 3 years.

University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio researchers have discovered a way to cure type 1 diabetes in mice  The hope is that this new discovery which boosts insulin secretion in the pancreas, will be available for human clinical trials within the next 3 years.

A recent discovery that will affect million of people with type 1 diabetes has been released.  Dr. Bruno Doiron, Ph.D., of the Division of Diabetes, and his colleagues recently reported their findings in the journal Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by insulin producing cells in the pancreas being destroyed by the body's immune system.  Presently, there is no cure.  Type 1 diabetes is a growing disease that usually shows up in children but can appear at any age.  About 1.25 million Americans are afflicted with type 1 diabetes with about 40,000 new cases each year.

Dr. Doiron and his staff have taken a new approach to managing type 1 diabetes in mice.  This new method is called gene transfer which coaxes pancreas cells back into producing insulin.  The Gene Transfer method, also called CNIP, Cellular Networking, Integration and Processing,  uses newly introduced genes to encourage non-beta cells to produce insulin, with no side effects.

Beta cells are the ones that produce insulin, yet the Gene Transfer Method uses non beta cells to secrete insulin, but only in response to glucose [sugar]," says study co-author Dr. Ralph DeFronzo, chief of the Division of Diabetes. "This is basically just like beta cells."  

The Texas health Science Center researchers found that they were able to create long term insulin secretion and blood sugar regulation without side effects.   "It worked perfectly. We cured mice for 1 year without any side effects. That's never been seen. But it's a mouse model, so caution is needed. We want to bring this to large animals that are closer to humans in physiology of the endocrine system."
Dr. Bruno Doiron, Ph.D.

This technique should also help people with type 2 diabetes.  It is believed that the Gene Transfer method will be able to help type 2 diabetics eliminate the need for insulin.

The next step for this type 1 diabetes break through is to test it in large animals and then humans.  Human research will hopefully begin in about 3 years.

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