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The Easiest Way To Lose Weight
and Not Diet!

An Article by George Pierce
George Pierce photo Win At Losing Weight
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Stop Drinking Sugar!

The Easiest Way To Lose Weight and Not Diet!

One of  the most frequent questions about losing weight is, "What is the easiest way to lose weight without going on a diet?"  The easiest way to lose weight and not go on a diet is to stop drinking sugar!  

The principle behind weight loss is simple.  In order to lose weight, create a caloric deficit.  You can achieve a caloric deficit by reducing your caloric intake and/or by burning more calories.   

Nearly all of us are guilty of drinking soft drinks and other sugary drinks.  The average soft drink is high in sugar.  A 12 oz. Coke, for example, contain 39g of sugar or 150 calories.  150 calories may not seem like much, but, for each soft drink that you replace with water, you will LOWER your caloric intake by about 4500 calories per month.  

In other words, stop drinking just one can of sugar a day and lose about 1.3 pounds!  

39g sugar in soft drink chart

Soft drinks are not the only sugary drinks.

Beware of energy drinks, ice teas, and juices, to name a few.

Two of the worst Energy Drinks

lucozade nutrition

380ml is the equivalent of 12 oz.  (actually 12.8493 US Fl oz.)

Replace just one Lucozade (380ml) per day and save 7680 calories a month or over 2.2 pounds!  

rockstar nutritionrockstar 24 oz

Rockstar:  500ml equals 16.907 US fluid oz. which means 65.5g of sugar per container!  

The Worst Iced Teas:

brisk iced tea lemon The three of the worst iced teas happen to be lemon flavored.  Tea, lemon, and water are the makings of a darn good drink, but that fourth ingredient, sugar, is why you need to beware.  

Brisk Iced Tea with Lemon

by Pepsico contains 27g of sugar in a 20 oz bottle.

Gold Peak Lemonade Iced Tea
 in an 18.5 oz container has 54g of sugar.

Pure Leaf Lemon Real Brewed Iced Tea
by Lipton has 41g of sugar in a 547ml serving.  547ml is 18.5 oz.  

Even the GOOD Drinks may be BAD!

Some drinks that you and I might think are healthy drinks are high in sugar.

The new Snapple in an 11.5-ounce container has about 41g of sugar or 160 calories.

chocolate drink Chocolate Drinks:

If you love chocolate drinks, I am sorry to share the fact that many chocolate drinks are high in calories.  

A cup of hot chocolate (8oz) made with whole milk or a glass of chocolate milk will contain about 190+ calories.  

Real juices contain about 23g of sugar and 136 calories per 8 oz. serving.  

Juices drinks (some juice) average about 25g of sugar per drink.

Juice Smoothies are very healthy, yet, most experts seem to agree that the calories outweigh the benefits.  

If you to make smoothies, may I suggest that you use this free tool, the Juicing Calculator.
Add as many ingredients as you like, the Juicing Calculator will show you the nutritional facts.  
minute maid OJ

The bottom line is that most of us can replace one or more of our sugary drinks per day and lose weight and not even go on a diet!

My friends, thank you for reading, I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight

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PPS.  Exercise is extremely important for good health and longevity, so I do not want you to overlook it.  Although this article focuses on sugary drinks, please consider adding exercise to your daily routine.  Click here for 100 benefits of exercise, a free pdf from the St. Croix Central School District • 915 Davis Street, Hammond, WI 54015

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