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NOW is not always the best time to lose weight!

Before you decide to lose weight:

Are you physically capable of exercise? Some of us may be too out of shape or have serious conditions (heart, joints, muscles) or diseases.

Are you over weight? In other words, do you need to lose weight?

Do you want to lose weight? If you do NOT WANT to lose weight, now is not a good time.

Losing weight for most of us is a 'temporary' journey based on an impulse decision. The result is that you fail once again and often gain more weight than you lost.

Losing weight for the wrong reasons, losing weight the wrong way, and losing weight when you are just not ready is not in your best interests.


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Lose weight comfortably.

Welcome To Win At Losing Weight!

Thank you for visiting. I am George Pierce., founder of Win At Losing Weight.

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Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Is Your Answer YES? Is Your Answer NO?

If YES, stay for a while, browse our site, and become a free member,
you will learn what has been missing.
You will learn how to WIN at losing weight.

If your answer is NO, not everyone is ready and that is OK.

If your answer is NO, do not feel bad. Timing is critical for you to have
your best chance of success.

Many of the secrets of weight loss await you, , so bookmark us,
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Some Of Us Are Afraid!

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Are You Afraid to Lose Weight?

You are not alone. Being afraid is OK, but doing nothing about it it is not.

There are a number on fears that can stand between you and a

thinner you.

The biggest fear is that of 'Regaining the weight'. It is a common
fear and can be a serious hurdle.

Other fears and obstacles that can keep you from getting started
on a weight loss plan and sabotage your results are 'loss of
justification", "identity loss", "food is comforting", 'being attractive",
"an attitude of "it doesn't matter what you do", "embarrassment", "failure", and more.

There two things that can hold you back. They are 'lack of knowledge' and 'fear'.

Both of these obstacles can prevent you from taking your first steps.

In fact, your fears are usually why you... read on...

You May Not Know Exactly What You Are Looking For!

I was once on your shoes!

All I know was that I wanted to lose weight.

Other than that, I did not know what I was
looking for, but I hoped and prayed
that when I found IT, that I would not
overlook it. The IT that I was looking for
was the Magic Formula for weight loss,
the Secret of weight loss, the

Key to weight loss.

The IT, the MAGIC FORMULA, the KEY is YOU!
What you are looking for is a way to empower

Early on, I did not realize the IT was ME, but
I have grown to know that I am the secret
to my success and that YOU are the secret
to yours.

I have created this site, its membership
area, resources, training ,and more with one goal.
That goal is to empower YOU to
WIN at losing weight!

Are You In?

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