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Why some of the most popular diets are the worst!


Why some of the most popular diets are the worst!  

The weight loss community (the folks that need to shed a few pounds) have a couple of strikes against them.  Strikes that they may not be aware of. 

Strike #1:  They are tired!

Most dieters are tired of failing at weight loss.  They have not actually failed, the weight loss industry has failed them, but the industry has done a pretty good job of convincing everyone that it is our fault, not their fault.  The result is that dieters tend to follow the crowd, in hopes that the latest or newest diet is THE ONE!  The one diet that finally works, the one diet that they can stay on and enjoy.  

Strike #2:  The diets are not about helping us!

Most diets are created for one reason and unfortunately, that is PROFIT.  Whether they help us, whether these diets even work is secondary.  Profit is the driving force.   

Most of these 'for profit' diets are a spin off of one of the top diets...the really good diets such as the Mediterranean or the DASH Diet.  That is sort of good news, but the modifications to these diets are usually ways to speed up your results. 

Faster weight loss is what we want...but not necessarily our best option.  Most experts seem to feel that rapid weight loss is not a healthy strategy. 

In my opinion, many of these faster versions create unnecessary difficulty.  If a diet is too difficult, we are probably going to quit after a short while.  

My Point:

Forget about what the crowd is doing, look for the diet that fits you best.  If a diet is difficult, ask yourself if that is going to be something that you can overcome or will the level of difficulty overcome you. 

Our website, Win At Losing Weight, is all about helping you to lose weight.  Our membership is optional but it will provide you with a few basic weight loss skills that no one teaches.  These skills will make weight loss easier...and membership is free.  Visit us now... 


Dr. Oz's Ultimate Diet Review

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Dr Oz's Ultimate Diet Review by George Pierce, Founder of Win At Losing Weight.

Although I am not a fan of Dr. Oz, I am a fan of his Ultimate Diet.  Watch the video and visit the review to learn more.

The Spectrum Diet/ Ornish Diet Review

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The Spectrum Diet is a diet that was created by Dr. Dean Ornish.  Although it is a healthy diet and one that will help you to lose weight,  I consider it to be a tough one. I invite you to visit my Spectrum Diet Review where you will find some alternatives.  

Eat This, Not That Diet Review


Eat This, Not That Diet Review

I'll let you know up front that this diet is easy to follow and worth considering.  I am happy to be making this post.  The problem that i find is that many of the diets that are so popular are not worth recommending.  It is nice when you find one that is worthy of recommendation. 

Easy and loosely structured describe the Eat This, Not That Diet.  For many of us that is a plus, but if you need structure, this diet may not be a good fit for you.  

For more details, click here to visit my review.

Thanks for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

Founder Win At Losing Weight

Work Smarter On Losing Weight!

Work Smarter On Losing Weight!


Begin with YOU!

If you want to make a change and do it right, you have to begin with yourself.  

Long term permanent weight loss is an area that most weight loss plans and programs avoid or skirt around.  Part of the reason is that you are no longer a customer, but much of the reason is that YOU do not want to go do not want to think or talk long term weight loss or permanent weight loss.

Do you know why?  

You probably do not know why, and that is OK.  The reason why you and nearly everyone else avoids thinking 'permanent weight loss' is that you and almost everyone else do not believe that you are able to achieve long term weight loss.  

You think to yourself, "'Short term'...yes, I can handle that."  What you think you are going to get is what you get.  Until you CHANGE your mindset to long term, short term is all you expect and is all you will get.

Can You Fix This?

Of course, you can.  It is simply a matter of knowing how.  There is a simple process that no one has every told you about that helps you to go from doubt to conceptualizing to believing to knowing that you can.  

As a free member of Win At Losing Weight, you will learn this process and more in your 30 day email training course.  See why our name Win At Losing Weight is so appropriate.   Click here to visit our site, click Join Us to become a free member.


Extra Weight Conflict

Extra Weight Conflict

If you are carrying around extra weight, you are part of the majority.  70% of us need to shed a few pounds or more.

The problem is that losing weight creates conflict within us. Just the thought of losing weight can create problems for many of us.  In order to lose weight, we think of ourselves as having to make choices.   Having to make choices is OK if not good.  In fact, the choices that we would need to make would help us to improve our health, our lifestyle, energy, appearance and more. 

So where is the conflict?

The conflict is that we view ourselves as making good choices that we SHOULD want to make, but we do not want to make!??  

You, nor I, nor anyone likes change.  

Your and no one else wants to do things that we do not want to do (good for us or not)!

In addition, weight loss is often associated with failure (for many of us), and no one wants to fail.  The average dieter begins and fails 4 diets per year.  

To make matters worse, we have a simple formula for weight loss, "Eat less, move more!"  

Guess What!  This age old weight loss formula is WRONG, because it is incomplete.  And what you do not know about weight loss is hurting and will continue to hurt you until you discover what is missing.  

If you would like to learn how to make weight loss easier, if you would like to learn simple skills and strategies that no one ever told you about, if you would like to change your lifestyle without fear of failing and because you actually want to make these changes, I invite you to become a member of Win At Losing Weight.  You will learn all this and much more.  You will learn how to WIN at losing weight!

Click here to join today, it's free.   


In The Time You Take To Read This, You Can Begin!



In The Time You Take To Read This, You Can Begin!

The most important step in losing weight is the first step.  The first step actually begins in your head.  Your first step is when you make up you mind.  In that instant, you have taken your first and most important step.  

We can think about losing weight for weeks or months and until we take 'action', nothing is going to happen.  That action, your action and mine, will not be taken until we make a conscious decision to act.

You have in your brain (as well all do), a figurative switch.  Let's call it a 'decision switch'.  You can leave the switch in the off position, or you can flip it to the on position.  It is your choice, it is your call, it is your decision.

Losing weight is not as simple as making a decision to begin, but until you make that decision, until you consciously flip that switch, you will not take action.  I hope that you will decide to make a decision to lose weight and that the action that you take is to join us at Win At Losing Weight.  

Membership is free and in 30 days (thanks to a free ecourse that new members are automatically enrolled in), you will have acquired weight loss knowledge and tools and skills that you never knew existed.

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Detox Diets, so popular but not so good.


Detox Diets Revealed!

Detox Diets tend to PREY on wannabe dieters.  They know that you want to lose weight and

to lose 10 pounds or even 20 pounds in a short time is alluring.   In addition, you also get detoxified.  

Most detox diets and detox products such as pills are NOT good choices.  

In my Detox Diet Review, you can learn more about the positives and the negatives of Detox Dieting.  

There is one Detox Diet, however, that I feel may be worthy of consideration.  Learn more....

Even the best diets have flaws!


Even the best diets have flaws!

When looking for a diet, do not be quick to judge.  Look at the positives

and more importantly, look at the negatives.  If you cannot find any negatives,

that may not be a good sign.  

Use your search box, type in the name of the diet plan or program and add

negatives or side effects and search or go to our home site, Win At Losing Weight.  

Choosing the diet that is right for you is crucial.  There is more to weight loss

success than finding the right diet, but success with the WRONG diet is not going to happen.  


The bottom line is that all diets have flaws.  

You need to know those flaws as well as the positives in order to make a quality decision.


Nasty Truth about Losing Weight!


The nasty truth!  continued

#1: Garbage!

So let's start by talking about the Weight Loss GARBAGE!

You get too much wrong information, we call that weight loss garbage. Most of this garbage comes in the form of hype about weight loss products that DO NOT WORK!

Our Lipozene review, Hydroxycut review and our Sensa review are a few examples of 'Miracle' products that we feel you should avoid and consider as garbage.

Our second reason is the root of why weight loss does not work!


You get too much wrong information and bad information, you already know that we label that as weight loss garbage.

You do not get crucial information that you need, we call that the third side of the weight loss triangle. This missing side, this missing information is essential for your long term success at losing weight. Unfortunately, no one tells you about it.

What is amazing to us is that even the most reputable diets omit this information! Perhaps this is on purpose...once you succeed you are no longer a customer.

This new information may be hard to wrap your mind around and you may not be relating to what we are attempting to share with you. That is understandable.

We have all been led to believe that successful weight loss equals diet and exercise and nothing more.

Since you are being exposed to what may seem to you to be a completely different aspect of weight loss, allow us to share the weight loss success triangle.

Two sides are weak, three sides are strong.

Weight loss success has THREE sides, not TWO!

Nearly all weight loss programs focus on two sides, diet and exercise. Unfortunately, they pay little to no attention to the third and essential side. This third side encompasses areas such as preparation, research, match making, attitude, escape routes, and mindset.

Without help with the third leg, you have almost no chance of long term success at losing weight. Your true chance of long term weight loss success is only 3%, your true chance of failure at long term weight loss is a whopping 97%!
It is our mission to help you to learn what the 3% know!
animated question mark in mosaic mind

It is what you do not yet know that has been holding you back and we hope that you will allow us to help you change that.


We have outlined an overview of what the 3% know and are doing. This overview is called The Five Crucial Factors. Missing out on just one of these five factors spells doom for your chances of success.

Next we have put together a 30 day email training course that will properly prepare you to succeed. All this and more are available to you as a free lifetime member of Weight Loss Disclosure Website.

What you do not know is hurting you!

Understanding or even believing that there is more to weight loss than you realize may be difficult. Allow us to share this example to help make things a bit clearer.

ceiling lamp

When you want to turn on the ceiling lamp, you flip a switch..right?

light switch on wall

When the switch goes to the On position,

the light goes on. But what happens when you

blow a fuse or flip a circuit breaker?


You can flip that wall switch again and again and again, but the ceiling lamp will not go on. No matter how much you try, the light does NOT go on.

Picture your 'essential missing information' as the equivalent of that blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Now consider that the breaker has been tripped and that you are a three year old child who knows nothing about fuses or circuit breakers!

You keep flipping that light switch or that weight losss switch, again and again...the light is supposed to come on but it does not. you are supposed to lose weight and keep it off but it does not happen...if only someone would teach you about fuses and circuit breakers, if only someone would teach you about what has been missing in your weight loss efforts!

Are You Serious?

If you are serious about losing weight, then we ask that you try to understand that what you have not yet been told about weight loss has been holding you back.

It is not you, it is probably not your exercise plan or your diet choice, it not your fault, it is ESSENTIAL INFORMATION THAT IS MISSING!

We encourage you to get started now at no cost.

Click Here to register for your free lifetime membership.


Failure is the essence of success.

Failure is the essence of success.

I often compare weight loss to riding a bike.   Unfortunately, you must be willing to fail and fail in order to finally succeed.  At the Win At Losing Weight (WALW) website, I have put together a one of a kind training course, that is meant to take failure out of the weight loss equation.  

Learning to ride a bike requires a few basic skills.  Until you learn them you will fail.  Losing weight long term requires a few basic skills.  Until you learn them, you will fail.  It is not your fault, that is just how it is.  At WALW, my aim is to provide you with those skills and give you a proven path to follow.  

The fact is that most of us believe that we already know how to lose weight.  You probably feel the same way.  

Sorry, but it is not true.  

If most of us really knew how to lose weight and how to keep it off, you and nearly everyone else would not be reading this post. We would not need to.  Most of us would be maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight. About 70% of us need to lose weight.  A large majority do try and that is good.  Only 5% of us succeed, however.  That means that 95% of us fail and fail again.  

Yes, failure is the essence of success, but until we learn the skills necessary to succeed, we will continue to fail.  

For weight loss information like you have never seen, I invite you to visit Win At Losing Weight.

For training and skills like you have never seen, I invite you to become a member.

Thank you for reading, my friend, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce

Founder WALW



You, the Internet, and Weight Loss


call center

You, the Internet, and Weight Loss

Although there is more information about weight loss on the net than we could ever read, nearly all of the information is flawed!  


You need to be aware that:

  1. What you read on the net is often embellished, especially regarding weight loss, even to the point of lying.
  2. What you read about most weight loss products, programs, diets, etc. often omits the negatives or plays them down.
  3. What you read about losing weight is often written by someone whose goal is to sell you something.
  4. Worst of all, nearly every weight loss plan fails to provide you with the needed skills and mindset information to succeed.

You need weight loss disclosure, but you do not get it on the net, or elsewhere, so your all important weight loss decision or choice is based on incomplete information.  Making any decision without enough information is a recipe for disaster.  Yet, the weight loss industry has us convinced that our weight loss failures are OUR FAULT, not their fault.  

truth sign made up of the word lies

The TRUTH is that your lack of information, lack of truth, training, skills, and mindset training are what is holding you back.  It is not your fault!  Weight loss is simply a matter of knowing how, but no one seems to want you and I to know how.   

If you never learn how to ride a bike, if no one ever teaches you the simple skills you need to know, your bike rides will always end in failure!  The same applies to losing weight.  

I am George Pierce, founder of Win at Losing Weight.  My aim is to help you find the whole truth, so you can make accurate and intelligent weight loss decisions...decisions that can be life changing.   My reviews and articles include the good and especially, the bad.

weight loss triangle

The Weight Loss Success Triangle.  

I also provide you with, what I call, the third side of the weight loss success triangle (should you decide to become a member).  All this and more are available at Win At Losing Weight  and it is free.

If you are tired of failing at losing weight, visit my site and you will soon see why the name WIN at Losing Weight is so appropriate.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you much success on your weight loss quest.

Kindest Regards,

George Pierce

PS. If you never learn what is missing, you will always be a weight loss customer, which is exactly what the weight loss industry wants!  Visit now, and put a stop to being a customer for life.

Over 15 Million People Love This Weight Loss Exercise Plan!


Exercise is certainly an integral part of weight loss success.  Some people are exercise fanatics that are addicted to exercise, but most of us avoid it.  

Why do most of us avoid exercise?

We consider it to be a four letter word called WORK and WORK is not fun.  Since most of us have never learned the skills that we need to lose weight, we may not admit it, but our mindset is that our weight loss plans will eventually fail.  So failure is imminent, deep down, some of us feel that exercise is therefore a waste of time.  Shame on us and we know it, but since we feel that our weight loss efforts are doomed, why should we work at something (exercise) that does not work.  

Of course we are wrong and we know it, but our emotional side which is sure of doom will win.

How can we stop this thought process? 


You have just made a significant first step toward a weight loss break through!  HUH?  

In order to WIN at losing weight, you need a diet plan (eating lifestyle) that will work for you in the short term and in the long term, one that you can live with and enjoy.  In addition, you need an exercise plan that you enjoy, one that you look forward to.  You need to learn a few simple weight loss skills that will help you with improving your thought process regarding weight loss as well as your habits.


Get the help you need to WIN at losing weight!

You will find the help you need with diet and exercise at Win At Losing Weight.  Some diets are great, many are a waste of your time, a few are literally deadly.  My website will help you make a smart choice.  About the only negative regarding exercise is when it is done to excess or done wrong.  An exercise that has over 15,000,000 participants weekly and continues to grow is Zumba Dance.  Why?  It is a great way to burn calories, but more importantly, it is FUN.  My Zumba Dance Review includes a free workout for beginners so you can see if Zumba is for you.   

You will learn the simple weight loss skills that no one has told you, should you decide to become a free member.  These skills and much more are a  part of a free 30 day training course for members only.  

Weight loss is not impossible and does not have to end in failure, weight loss is a matter of knowing how.  

Thank you for reading my friends and much success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce

Win At Losing Weight Founder



Congratulations on finding my blog with a different and unique approach to weight loss.  Welcome and thank you for visiting.

So many people try so hard to win at losing weight and fail. Are all these people doing something wrong? Is every one who fails at losing weight to blame? The answer to both these questions is NO. An emphatic NO!

The fact is that obesity can be a beast. Obesity or being overweight actually is a beast for about 95% of us. This beast continues to be untamed again and again as most of us fail over and over.  But it is NOT our fault.

You know that this beast can be least, that is what you are why is it that you cannot tame it? 

The trick is simply 'knowing how'. Nearly all weight loss plans and programs are incomplete!  They do not teach us the skills that we must know in order to win at losing weight.  'Knowing how' is an elusive trick that most of us never learn.



We are taught that there are two parts and two parts only to succeeding at weight loss. Those two parts, you already know are Diet and Exercise. The sad truth is that most of us never even know that there is a third part of weight loss. I call it the third side of the weight loss success triangle. This third side involves learning some simple weight loss SKILLS' along with a few secrets and tips that only the elite 5% that win at losing weight know about.

Driving a car or even riding a bike can be nearly impossible until we learn how. Until we learn the required SKILLS to do many of the tasks that you and I do in life, without even thinking, until we learn those needed skills, those tasks are difficult, if not, nearly impossible. On the other hand, once we learn the skills and apply them, mastery of said task usually follows.


I am George Pierce, and my website is:

Win At Losing Weight.

If you will allow me, I can help you to win at losing weight. I will gladly teach you the weight loss skills that you have not been taught, and will also share some of the weight loss secrets and tips that I have learned over the past 20+ years on my weight loss journey.

If you are tired of failing, but not so tired that you won't try one more time to win at losing weight, please visit my site for the help that you need.


PS.  It is all FREE!  The only regret that you will have is that you did not learn this sooner.