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Bobby's Mom Won't Be Coming Home!

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Bobby and Teddy (Teddy Bear).  This story is fiction but it is based on fact.

Bobby's Mom Won't Be Coming Home!

Bobby's mom won't be coming home!  Several hours ago, Bobby's mom, Shelley, suffered a massive
heart attack.  The cause of the attack was due to obesity.  The paramedics did all they could to revive

She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. 

This story happens more and more.  About 300,000 adults are now dying each year in the US from obesity.
An estimated 2.8 million adults are dying worldwide from this disease.  What is so horrifying about these
deaths are that they are all preventable.  Obesity is now the fifth largest killer of adults. 

How can this happen?

The leading cause is not so much lack of exercise, rather it is what we are eating and drinking that is killing us.
According to the New England Journal of Medicine and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, about 604 million
people are now obese.  The main driver behind our increasing world wide obesity is our massive caloric intake.

fast food

It boils down to eating more calories than we burn. 

To make this situation even worse, childhood obesity is rising faster that adult obesity. 

Bobby's mom knew she was obese,  it had been sucking the life out of her for the last few years.  Shelley knew she needed to do something about being overweight, but she would never have procrastinated if she knew that her obesity was going to kill her! 

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Obesity - Overweight - Defined


Obesity - Overweight - Defined
by George Pierce
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obesity on the street

Obesity - Overweight - Defined

Obese or may be wondering...what exactly does that mean?

Being obese or overweight is determined by your body weight relative to your height.

One of the best measurements or indicators is called BMI.  BMI stands for Body Mass Index.  An easy way to help you to relate to your BMI is to consider BMI as to think of it as your thinness or thickness.  A low BMI means that you are thin, a high BMI means that your body is thick.  

If your BMI exceeds 25, you are considered obese.  Even a few pounds over your ideal weight can be surprisingly harmful.   I invite you to watch:   Why even slightly overweight is dangers, a video by Markus Rothkranz in The Horrors of Being Over Weight section of our forum.

Most experts seem to feel that once your BMI exceeds 25 or if your body weight exceeds your normal weight by 20%, you are at serious risk for health problems and early death.  

Some of your risks are:

Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Type 2 Diabetes
Gall Bladder Disease
Gall Stones
Shortness of Breath
Sleep Apnea
Compromised Life Style
Reduced Life Span

Garfield explains weight gain as we get older

Many of us may think that gaining weight is 'normal'.  You may feel that once you have children or once you reach a certain age, you gain weight.  Worst of all, you may feel deep down that weight gain is beyond your control, so any efforts that you make to lose weight are only temporary.  

I am happy to inform you that you are WRONG!

The fact is that a 'healthy lifestyle' means a healthy weight.  

The fact is that you do have control over your 'lifestyle' and your weight.  

The fact is that you are NOT doomed to fail at weight loss!

I am George Pierce and I have put together the Win At Losing Weight website.  I invite you to visit and become a free member.  As a member, you will learn the basics of weight loss and the basic skills of weight loss that you never knew existed.  You will be exposed to 'The Five Crucial Factors'.  I have discovered five factors that are essential to weight loss.  Miss out on just one and you will not succeed long term.  You will also have member access to tools such as a BMI calculator, resources, library and more.  Best of all, your membership includes a 30 day training course like no other.  In the next thirty days, you can learn the weight loss skills that you have never been told about, skills you simply did not know existed.

I urge you to no longer separate yourself from long term weight loss and allow yourself to get the help to Win At Losing Weight.  

I thank you for reading, my friend.  Much success with your weight loss endeavors.

Kind Regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

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