Our New Look!

Win At Losing Weight is taking on a new look.  Technical difficulties with our old site created a need for a change.  The change has resulted in opting for a faster loading site.  Our new site builder is supposed to be the fastest.  Whether it is or not, it certainly is fast and faster loading is more important than ever.  As more and more folks use their phones to access websites, speed makes a real difference.  Phones are presently slower than computers, so a slow site will be very slow for someone viewing it on their phone.  

Much of the content has been moved to our new site, but  since our weight loss content is significant, there is still more to do.  As we continue to move content, our goal is to also update and improve and expand our content.  

The one area in which you will notice this change is the Diet Review Section.  At present, you will see two lists of diet reviews and you will continue to see two until the transformation is complete.  We are sorry for any confusion.  Our decision is not meant to confuse you, but to make sure that you do not miss out on a review that is important to you.

Once done, you will find that our newest version of Win At Losing Weight will be bigger, better, and faster.  

Thanks for bearing with us.