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If you love bacon, you will love 

Bacon and Butter,  The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook.

You will discover amazing NY Times Best Seller recipes and more.

The Ketogenic Diet is not one of my favorite diets (see my review),

but this cookbook will help you if you are on a low carb diet 

or will help you to better decide if a ketogenic diet is right for you.

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Atkins 40 Diet Review

The Atkins 40 Diet is one of the top ten most searched diets.

Does that make it good?  In fact, the most search diets are often

the latest fad diets that are here today and gone tomorrow.  


This is not the case with the Atkins 40 Diet.  It is a newer version

of the original Atkins Diet, now referred to as the Atkins 20.  Both

the Atkins 20 and the Atkins 40 are 'low carb' diets. The difference is

that the Atkins 20 Diet starts you out at 20g of Net Carbs per day

and the Atkins 40 Diet begins at 40g which makes it easier.

Click Here to read my review of the Atkins 40 Diet.

Carb Cycling Diet Review and Meal Plans


Carb Cycling is a popular diet plan.  It used to be primarily associated with adding weight and adding muscle.  

Carb cycling can still be used to for body building, but it has grown more and more popular due to the fact that

it will help people lose weight as well.  A typical carb cycling diet is low in carbohydrates every other day and a

bit higher in carbs every other day for six days per week.  You get one 'free day' per week.  


On the days that your carbs are high, your exercise should be high, on the low carbs days, your exercise may be

none or minimal.  Since body building and full body work outs etc., are often every other day, you can see how

a heavy exercise every other day plan and a carb cycling diet can work well together.  


I like the fact that this diet is built around exercise.  Diet alone is not a good option.  


If Carb Cycling seems like something you might want to learn more about or for answers to questions such as:  

Does it work?  How does it work? Is it right for you?  I invite you

to read my Carb Cycling Diet Review and Carb Cycling Meal Plans.


Thank you for reading, my friend, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

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