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Why does losing weight seem as difficult as overcoming an addiction?


Why is losing weight  like 

overcoming an addiction?

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For some people losing weight is as easy as giving up soft drinks.  For most people, however, losing weight seems to be difficult, very difficult, or impossible.  WHY?  The reason is twofold...and both reasons are abetted due to lack of knowledge. 

Food is addicting!

For some of us, eating is truly an addiction.  If you feel that you have a compulsive obsession with eating, click here for a list of 22 forums and communities that can help you.  I would recommend that you investigate #7 Food Addicts Anonymous and #8 Greysheet, in particular.  

With many addictions, the best cure is to stop.   But you cannot stop eating.  With a few addictions, you can 'substitute' another drug or option temporarily.  But many of us are not aware that we can 'substitute', when it comes to losing weight.   Excellent 'substitution' options are prepackaged meal plans, some weight loss options that use shakes to replace a meal, and some options use 'substitute foods' to replace less healthy and fattening foods.  The fact is that there are some outstanding weight loss programs, plans, tools, and options to help you to eat healthier, more sensibly, and to lose weight.  

If we have so many great weight loss choices, why is losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight so difficult?  

Weight Loss is INCOMPLETE!

What you are about to discover is that there is actually something NEW about successful weight loss. 

It is new to you and new to most people that are trying their darnedest to lose weight with no real success.  Most programs should work, so why don't they?

They do not work because they are INCOMPLETE.

How can they be incomplete? Because there is more to weight loss than diet and exercise. Diet and exercise make up two legs of the weight loss triangle.   There is a third leg, one that you are not aware of.  It is this new third leg, it is this 'missing information', that is holding you back.

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Finally Succeed!

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Is this YOU when it comes to losing weight?

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Is this YOU when it comes to losing weight?

If you are like most of my  visitors, you may feel a bit lost about losing weight.
You are looking for 'something' to help you to lose weight, but you do not know exactly what it is.
Even if you find what you are looking for, you may not recognize it as the solution to your problem!
Perhaps you have tried one or more diets that are supposed to work, but they did not work for you.  

If this describes you, you are so not alone.  One of the problems that you are having with losing weight is that there is much about weight loss that you are not being told.  In order to give you an idea of how this relates to you, I ask you to bear with me for a moment and engage your imagination.

Imagine you are a child and someone gives you a beautiful new bicycle.  Wow, your eyes light up!  Then your heart do not yet know how to ride a bike.

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Weight loss is the same!??  

Here is your diet, here is your exercise plan, now make it work.  No wonder only 5% succeed.  You have never been shown what it takes to make weight loss work.  Since you do not yet know what is missing, allow me to highlight some of what you have not been told.  

  • You need help with learning how to make the right weight loss choices.  There are strategies to help remove confusion and make your choosing more informed and easier.
  • You need help with breaking old habits and creating new ones.  There are ways to make this happen easier and more smoothly and permanently.
  • You need help with creating and maintaining your new attitude.  
  • You need to discover your most important weight loss ally.
  • You need help with learning what the 5% know, so you can succeed as well.
  • You cannot win at losing weight if any of the five crucial factors are missing.

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There is even more about losing weight that you have never been told.  I have boiled it down to a 30 day crash course that you will receive via email.  I want you to lose weight and I am sure that you feel the same.  We also know that engaging in any weight loss plan is a huge commitment that cannot be taken lightly.  If you are considering weight loss, then consider getting the help that you need so that it will work. My course is free and just one of the perks of becoming a member of my website.  

Should you decide to become a member, you will also gain immediate admission to the five crucial weight loss factors, five little known factors that are essential for your weight loss success.  These factors will give you an indication as to how important the missing pieces of your weight loss puzzle really are.    

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Kindest Regards,
George Pierce
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