Why some of the most popular diets are the worst!  

The weight loss community (the folks that need to shed a few pounds) have a couple of strikes against them.  Strikes that they may not be aware of. 

Strike #1:  They are tired!

Most dieters are tired of failing at weight loss.  They have not actually failed, the weight loss industry has failed them, but the industry has done a pretty good job of convincing everyone that it is our fault, not their fault.  The result is that dieters tend to follow the crowd, in hopes that the latest or newest diet is THE ONE!  The one diet that finally works, the one diet that they can stay on and enjoy.  

Strike #2:  The diets are not about helping us!

Most diets are created for one reason and unfortunately, that is PROFIT.  Whether they help us, whether these diets even work is secondary.  Profit is the driving force.   

Most of these 'for profit' diets are a spin off of one of the top diets...the really good diets such as the Mediterranean or the DASH Diet.  That is sort of good news, but the modifications to these diets are usually ways to speed up your results. 

Faster weight loss is what we want...but not necessarily our best option.  Most experts seem to feel that rapid weight loss is not a healthy strategy. 

In my opinion, many of these faster versions create unnecessary difficulty.  If a diet is too difficult, we are probably going to quit after a short while.  

My Point:

Forget about what the crowd is doing, look for the diet that fits you best.  If a diet is difficult, ask yourself if that is going to be something that you can overcome or will the level of difficulty overcome you. 

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