How to find the diet that is right for you!

Finding the right diet is so important, and yet we often neglect putting enough time and effort into this stage of our weight loss journey. Our first step on our journey is research.  We need to be willing to take the time to look at our options.  

Part of our weight loss mindset is that we are about to make a life long commitment.  If we begin our journey thinking short term, well, that is exactly what we will get...a short term diet.  If we begin with a long term mindset, then a long term or life long commitment of healthy eating is what we can expect.  

Before making a 'life long' commitment, doesn't it make good sense to do some serious research first?

Research Problem #1:  Gathering your information.    

Fortunately, if you have access to the Internet, problem #1 is solved.  Thank goodness for the Internet when it comes to researching anything.  You and I can get tons of valuable information about our diet choices almost instantly.  

Research Problem #2:  Processing your information.

Processing your information, in this case, comparing diets is not so easy.  Research which is GOOD, can end up be almost BAD.  Why?  If you have done your homework (your research), you should have numerous diet options and tons of information.  That is what you wanted?...right?  The problem that you  (and most everyone else) now face is data overload.  You suddenly have too much information.  Instead of being in a position to make a smart choice, you may find that you are confused and overwhelmed.    

The solution:

Most of us have never been taught 'Matchmaking Skills'.  I share all the "Matchmaking Skills with you along with needed weight loss skills  in my free 30 day course (See Below).  Allow me to share one of the Match Making skills right now.  This simple skill has helped millions of people and will help you.  


The Ben Franklin Comparison Method:  

Make two columns, one for Pros and one for Cons
Write down all the pros in one column and all the cons in the other.
Assess the importance of each pro and con and add a value of 1 to 10.  10 is most important, 1 is least important.
Assess the probability of each pro and con and add a value of 1 to 10.   Definitely will happen is a 10, might happen  perhaps a 5, not likely to happen a 1.
Multiply importance by probability = Weight.  Add your column.

This chart should help you see how this matchmaking skill works.

Pros I P W Cons I P W
Easy to follow 9 9 81 Lots of counting and tracking, No App 9 9 81
Four Phases 8 7 56 Involves prep time 7 6 42
Lots of meals and recipes 9 9 81        
I like the foods 10 10 100        
I can see myself doing this long term 7 9 63        
Totals 43 44 381   16 15 123

Take the diets that you feel that you are most interested in, and compare using the above skill.  You will be amazed at how much this comparison can help you make your decision.

Matchmaking skills are a small part of what we have never been taught about learning how to win at losing weight.  At Win At Losing Weight (my home website), our motto is that "Losing weight is a matter of knowing how".  I invite you to visit.  If you like what you see, and you will, I urge you to become a free member.  Free membership will include many perks along with a 30 day training course which includes all the Matchmaking Skills and the Weight Loss Skills that no one ever teaches us.  

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