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Never Be Hungry And Lose Weight!


Never Be Hungry And Lose Weight!

By swapping foods that are high in calories with foods that are

low in calories, you can eat as much or more than you are already 

eating and still lose weight.  This is the diet strategy behind Volumetrics.


Volumetrics is a diet that is based on eating more low calorie foods and

less high calorie foods.  This method of weight loss not only works, Volumetrics

is ranked as the 2nd best weight loss diet by U.S. News and World Report.


Great Diets Are NOT Great!??


Great Diets Are NOT Great!??

Many great diets may not be great because they are not right for you.  They may be too strict, too hard, not strict enough or too easy.  They may not suit your palate...the diet may be centered around bananas or grapefruit...and you hate bananas or grapefruit. 

My point is to find a diet that is a good fit for YOU.

At the Win At Losing Weight Website, you will find candid diet reviews that should help you with your diet decision.  Should you decide to 'Join Us', your free membership will include further help, instruction and training on how to research and choose the diet that fits you best...and much more.

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Free Ebooks for Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise!


Free Ebooks for Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise!


I have recently added a library section for non members of Win At Losing Weight.

The Member area has had a library since the beginning, but non members now also have access

to some of our ebooks.  No email address is required.  The books are digital, so you can download 

them and begin enjoying them almost immediately.  

The two newest additions are:

super foods originality ecover insomniac ecver

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The Dog Must Diet

The Dog Must Diet

Even though you 'voluntarily' go on a diet, you may feel as if someone else is in charge.

You may feel like someone other than yourself is in control and forcing you to do something that you do not want to do. 

Step back, and have a talk with your brain.  HUH?  Your brain is supposed to be your ally, but if you forget to bring it on board,

it can be your enemy. 


One of the Five Crucial Factors of weight loss success is about recruiting your brain as an ally.

The Five Factors are available in our member area and membership is free. 

Learn More... 

Win At Losing Weight Website Update!


Win At Losing Weight Website Update!

Due to a software glitch, I have not been able to add new content to our present website version.

After repeated attempts to fix the problem, I opted to change software. 

What Does This Mean To You?

Our new site software is eight time faster!  Faster loading sites are preferred by all, especially for
those visitors who are using mobile devices.

Our original content is new and improved!  The transition to our new version has not been a
simple and automatic transfer, as expected, but the content is be upgraded and updated where

Our library is being expanded.  In addition to our member library, I have added another weight loss
library for non members. 

A recipes section has been added.  I love to eat and I have discovered that there are all kinds of healthy
and delicious recipes and meals that are simple and quick.  Easy recipes may be just what some
of our visitors need.


Sorry For any inconvenience.

In an effort to make sure that no diet, exercise, article, etc. is excluded or missing, both versions of our site
are available.  I apologize for any confusion.

Upon completion:

Once the conversion is complete, you will be redirected for our original version
to our new version 
You will notice a new look and more user friendly navigation.

Thank you!

I thank you for bearing with us and wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

Why some of the most popular diets are the worst!


Why some of the most popular diets are the worst!  

The weight loss community (the folks that need to shed a few pounds) have a couple of strikes against them.  Strikes that they may not be aware of. 

Strike #1:  They are tired!

Most dieters are tired of failing at weight loss.  They have not actually failed, the weight loss industry has failed them, but the industry has done a pretty good job of convincing everyone that it is our fault, not their fault.  The result is that dieters tend to follow the crowd, in hopes that the latest or newest diet is THE ONE!  The one diet that finally works, the one diet that they can stay on and enjoy.  

Strike #2:  The diets are not about helping us!

Most diets are created for one reason and unfortunately, that is PROFIT.  Whether they help us, whether these diets even work is secondary.  Profit is the driving force.   

Most of these 'for profit' diets are a spin off of one of the top diets...the really good diets such as the Mediterranean or the DASH Diet.  That is sort of good news, but the modifications to these diets are usually ways to speed up your results. 

Faster weight loss is what we want...but not necessarily our best option.  Most experts seem to feel that rapid weight loss is not a healthy strategy. 

In my opinion, many of these faster versions create unnecessary difficulty.  If a diet is too difficult, we are probably going to quit after a short while.  

My Point:

Forget about what the crowd is doing, look for the diet that fits you best.  If a diet is difficult, ask yourself if that is going to be something that you can overcome or will the level of difficulty overcome you. 

Our website, Win At Losing Weight, is all about helping you to lose weight.  Our membership is optional but it will provide you with a few basic weight loss skills that no one teaches.  These skills will make weight loss easier...and membership is free.  Visit us now... 


Diet Red Flags!


Diet Red Flags!

Dieting is difficult enough.  

Nowadays we have to beware of fad diets, diets that do not work, 

diet products that are useless, and more.

Diet Red Flags is an article posted at Mr. G's Weight Loss Blog.

Wasting weeks or months is a huge setback.

Click here for some tips that will help you to recognize and

avoid some of those diet red flags.  

Which Diets Are The Best?

apple collage

Which Diets Are The Best?

Finding the best diet makes good sense.  Finding the one that is the perfect fit is an important step towards winning at losing weight. 

When searching for that perfect diet, there is a pitfall that you want to avoid.

Following the Crowd:

What is everyone else looking at?  Unfortunately, if you look at the top 10 most searched (most Googled) diets, you will find that one of them is not even a diet, five of the top ten diets are probably a bad choice, and one of these diets is harmful to your health.  This leaves three that are worth your consideration.  If you follow the crowd, you will find that you have a 70% chance of making a bad choice.  Bad diet choices equal diet failures.

Following the Experts:

The best ranking of diets is probably the one done by the experts for U.S. News.  This year, U.S. News has ranked the top 39 diets.

Each of the 39 diets is worthy of your consideration.  If one of these 39 choices seem like a perfect fit, you have a 100% chance of choosing a good diet by following the experts vs. a 30% chance by following the crowd.

Finding the perfect diet means finding the one that fits YOU.  This step is so important, so please take the time to make a thoughtful decision.


Before you begin your diet!


Before you begin your diet!

In order to make your diet or weight loss plan easier, you can access two quick tests.  

The first test is very simple and will take just a few seconds, but it will give you a good idea 

where you stand.  The second test involves a BMI Calculator, which is more scientific.  

You will find a free calculator with all the information you need.


If you think of weight loss as a journey, then you will need to know where you are

going and how to get there.  You also need to know your starting point.  These quick tests 

will help. 


Click here for the tests....

Why Most Diet Pills and Supplements Are A Waste of Your Time and Money!



Money spent on most diet pills may be money down the drain!

Most diet pills and diet supplements do not work.  

You not only waste your money, you lose time...time that you could be devoting to a weight loss strategy that works.

WORST OF ALL, most diet pills lead you to yet another weight loss failure.

In my review of Garcinia Cambogia, a diet aid, you will find a candid review and an overview of diet pills and diet supplements that reveals the truths that you will not find elsewhere. 

The review is on our new site (under construction), Win At Losing Weight Now.  I urge you to visit the review and to drop by our parent site, Win At Losing Weight, as well.

Thanks for reading,

George Pierce

Win At Losing Weight Founder



I will lose weight today!

How you can benefit from Win At Losing Weight

walw-free-how-walw-worksWhich DietIs The Right Diet?

Searching for the right diet, the one that really fits you and your lifestyle and your future thinner healthier more energetic lifestyle is a most important step.  When you find the right diet, your chances of success have already significanltly increased before you have even started!   

We have tried to help make your diet search easier.  First, we have tried to list most of the popular diets all in one place for your convenience.  Second, each diet is personally scruitinized by me, George Pierce, founder or WALW.  To the best of my knowledge, each review is accurate and straight forward and each review shares both the good and the bad, so you can make better decsions.

Win At Losing Weight Diet List

  • African Mango
  • Alkaline Diet
  • Alli
  • Atkins Diet
  • Baby Food Diet
  • Belly Fat Cure
  • Best Life Diet
  • Big Breakfast Diet
  • Biggest Loser Diet
  • Biggest Loser Simple Swaps
  • Body for Life
  • Brown Fat Revolution
  • Cabbage Soup Diet
  • The Carb Lovers Diet
  • The Caveman (Paleo) Diet
  • Cheater's Diet
  • Cinch Diet
  • Cookie Diet
  • Detox Diets
  • DHEA
  • The Diet Solution
  • Dr. Oz Ultimate Diet
  • Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution
  • Dukan Diet
  • The Eat- Clean Diet
  • Eat More, Weigh Less?

  • Eat Right for Your Type
  • Eat This, Not That
  • Eat What You Love
  • Eco Atkins Diet
  • Eat to Live
  • Engine 2 Diet
  • Fast Diet
  • Fast Food Diet
  • Fat Smash Diet
  • Flat Belly Diet
  • Flexitarian Diet
  • 5 Factor Diet
  • Flavor Point Diet
  • 4 Day Diet
  • Fruit Flush Diet
  • French Women Don't Get Fat
  • The FullBar Diet
  • G Free Diet
  • Gene Smart Diet
  • Glycemic Index Diet
  • Grapefruit Diet
  • Hallelujah Diet
  • HGG Diet
  • High School Reunion Diet
  • The Hormone Diet
  • Hydroxycut
  • Instinct Diet
  • Jenny Craig
  • The Kind Diet
  • LA Weight Loss
  • Lemonade Diet
  • Living Low-Carb
  • Macrobiotic Diet
  • Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox
  • Master Your Metabolism
  • Mayo Clinic Diet
  • Medifast Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Morning Banana Diet
  • Naturally Thin Diet
  • New Atkins for a New You
  • New Beverly Hills Diet
  • NutriSystem Diet
  • Omni Diet
  • 02 Diet
  • Park Avenue Diet
  • Perricone Diet
  • Personality Type Diet
  • P.I.N.K. Method
  • Pritikin Principle
  • Protein Power
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Raw Food Diet
  • Rice Diet Solution
  • The 17-Day Diet
  • Shangri-La Diet
  • Skinny Vegan Diet
  • Slim-Fast Plan
  • Sonoma Diet
  • South Beach Diet
  • South Beach Diet Supercharged
  • The Spectrum
  • Step Diet
  • Sugar Busters
  • Thin for Life
  • This Is Why You're Fat
  • The Fast Diet
  • 3 Day Diet
  • 3-Hour Diet
  • UltraMetabolism Diet
  • VB6 Diet
  • Volumetrics
  • What Color is Your Diet?
  • The Weigh Down
  • Weight Loss Cure
  • Weight Watchers
  • Wheat Belly
  • Dr. Andrew Weil
  • You – On a Diet
  • The Zone

PS.  Our free membership includes many benefits, one of which is a 30 day email training course.  Part of that training includes a section call 'Match Making'.  Match Making is a skill that partly based on Benjamin Franklin's teachings and specifically helps you to make better choices and better decisions.  You will find many other valuable skills on your free weight loss training course, the Match making skill is perfectly suited to help you when choosing which diet is right for you.

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The Personality Type Diet Review

The Personality Type Diet is a diet the tailors itself to your 

eating and exercising personality.  The diet was created by 

Dr. Robert Kushner, an obesity expert, and his wife Nancy, an RN.

Visit the Personality Type Diet Review:
Visit Win At Losing Weight Home Page:



New Diet Uses Ground Breaking Idea to Help Dieters Lose 12-23 Pounds in Just 21 Days!

This new diet was created by Brian Flatt, a personal trainer

and nutritionist. His goal was to come up

with an effective diet that works quickly. 


The new diet is called the 'Three Week Diet'.

The main difference between the Three Week

Diet and other diets is that it focuses on controlling

cellular inflammation which Brian claims

is the cause of weight gain.  


What I like best about the Three Week Diet is that

along with diet and exercise, Brian includes mindset in his program.

To learn more about the Three Week Diet, please click here.

Phen375 Diet Pill Review

Visit the Phen375 Review:
Visit Win At Losing Weight Home Page:

If you are considering losing weight, then Phen375 may help, but you probably have questions.

Is it safe?  Does it work?

Most diet pills and supplements do NOT work. 

Is Phen375 different?  

Is it a waste of your money?

You will find these answers and more in my Phen375 Review.

Dr. Oz's Eat What You Love Diet Review

Dr. Oz's Eat What You Love Diet Review

Click here to visit Dr. Oz's Eat What You Love Diet Review.
Click Here to visit our Home Page: 

Dr Oz's  Eat What You Love Diet Review:  Although I like almost everything about Dr. Oz's diet, I give it a thumbs down.  Please watch the video and/or visit the review to learn why.

The Blood Type Diet Review

The Blood Type Diet Review


Following a diet based on your blood type?

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, a naturopath, says that your blood type diet determines the foods that you should eat.  His approach to weight loss is based on your blood type with significant differences in diet for each blood type.  

To learn more, please visit my Blood Type Diet Review.

Potatoes, Friend Or Foe?



Potatoes, Friend Or Foe?

Potatoes are considered a bad choice by many experts due to a high glycemic index. You may have heard that we should eat colorful foods because of high antioxidants, and we feel that is not bad advice. On the other hand, when we hear 'stay away from white carbs', we do not concur.

Some white carbs such as sugar and withe bread should be avoided. On the other hand, there are many white carbs that are not our enemy.

Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber and minerals. Cauliflower is one of those foods that are thought to help prevent excess belly fat.


White foods such as mushrooms, onions, and garlic are high in nutrients and antioxidants.

Potatoes are thought by some to be our enemy, we disagree. Potatoes are a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as a reasonable source of fiber. We consider potatoes to be a healthy carb as long as they are eaten in the right form. The right form is with the skin and NOT fried.

Seven to Nine Potatoes per day!

A recent study was made where some of the participants had to eat at least 7 to 9 whole potatoes per day! The potato eaters actually lost weight! Surprisingly, potatoes contain only about 100 to 120 calories each. Seven to nine potatoes per day would certainly be filling.

If you love potatoes, we are not saying to eat seven or nine per day, but an occasional potato should not stop you from losing weight.

Based on an article by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist



The Shocking Problem With Eating Fruit!


shocked man

The Shocking Problem With Eating Fruit!  
by George Pierce
George Pierce

What you are about to discover are some little known facts about eating fruit that you need to know and one fact about eating fruit that may shock you!  

Certainly, making fruit a part of your diet seems to be a wise and healthy choice!

Let me share something about eating fruit that might surprise you. Without this information, your good fruit eating habits, may not be so good!
If fruit is so great, how can there be a problem?                                        

Most of you probably have fruit after a meal...sort of like dessert...mmm, and you might  have fruit on your cereal, and a glass of juice with breakfast and often a glass of juice with your other meals.  

Not knowing when to eat fruit, is a problem that most of us share!??

girl pointing to alarm clock

When we eat fruit matters!  

You should eat fruit on an empty stomach.  After you eat a piece of fruit, it is supposed to go directly through your stomach and into your intestines.  When you eat fruit after eating other foods, you are preventing the fruit from being able to go straight through your stomach.  Even worse, when the fruit comes into contact with these other foods and digestive juices in your stomach, it causes the entire mass to begin to spoil which means fermentation and rotting and acid.  This putrification can also cause you to bloat and have gas.  

The Secret is to Eat fruit before a meal or on an empty stomach!  

Eating fruit with a meal or after a meal is WRONG!  

Tips that you want to know about eating fruit:
  • Most of us think of some fruits such as oranges, lemons, or limes as acidic.  
  • All fruits actually become alkaline in our bodies.
  • Eating whole raw fruit is better than drinking its juice.  
  • If you drink fruit juice, only drink FRESH juice.  
  • Do not drink juice from concentrate and do not drink fruit juice that has been heated.  
  • Drink fruit juice one mouthful at a time to allow your saliva to mix with he juice.
  • Do not eat fruit that has been cooked.  
  • Cooked fruit loses all it vitamins and nutrients.
man holding bananas

Raw Fruits provide us with a wealth of nutrients!
  • Apples:  high in flavinoids and antioxidants which help your body with Vitamin C.  Apples, themselves are not high in C, but their ability to enhance vitamin C in our bodies, helps to lower our risk of  heart attack, stroke, and colon cancer.
  • Berries: high in antioxidants, which protect us from cancer causing free radials.
  • Guava:  very high in Vitamin C and high in fiber as well.
  • Kiwi:  also high in Vitamin C, about two times as much as an orange and also provides you with Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and fiber.
  • Orange:  Eat more than one a day to help prevent colds, dissolve and prevent kidney stones, lower your risk of colon cancer, and lower your cholesterol.
  • Papaya:  very high in Vitamin C and a good source of carotene for your eye health.
  • Watermelon:  a source of potassium and Vitamin C, high in glutathione which is good for your immune system, and also contains lycopene which is an antioxidant.
winning trophy

Fruit is a winner!

Fruit can help you with added energy, detoxification, weight loss, boosting your immune system, adding fiber to your diet, lowering cholesterol, lowering your risk of cancer and heart attack, reducing your risk of colds, improving your eye health, protecting you from free radicals, and more!  

Certainly, making fruit a part of your diet seems to be a wise and healthy choice!

We all know that fruits are wonderful foods!    

Including fruit in your diet and adding fruit to your diet is an important step toward losing weight and improving what you eat and improving your overall health.  

Remembering WHEN to eat fruit will maximize your benefits and eliminate fermentation.

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind Regards,
George Pierce
Founder WALW

diets not for me joke cartoon


Five of the Most Frequently Asked Weight Loss Questions


Five of the Most Frequently Asked Weight Loss Questions

You can probably relate to one or more of these five questions.  Perhaps you have asked one yourself. Below you will find five of the most frequently asked questions regarding losing weight.

If I am on a diet, do I still need to exercise to lose weight?

Are all calories the same?

Does it matter what time you eat?

Perhaps, one of the most important questions is:

How many calories should I eat?

A more recent question and one that I may answer differnetly than most is:

What is gluten?

For my answers, click here.


Raspberry Ketone gets the 'Raspberry'


What is RK and why do I give it the 'raspberry'?  


Raspberries and most all berries are virtual super foods that are healthy and delicious and

loaded with anti-oxidants.  Most weight loss aids and diet pills, however, are not worth taking

and Raspberry Ketone is no exception.   Unfortunately, there is NO proof that Raspberry Ketone 

will help you with losing weight.   Raspberry Ketone or RK get a thumbs down in my RK Review.

Click Here to read my RK Review.




Why Your Diet Runs Out Of Gas!

Why Your Diet Runs Out Of Gas!


Several years ago, a Yeti family was discovered in the Himalayas.  The two adults parents were named Bobo and Clara and the two children were named Mike and Molly.  Over the last several years, the Yeti family has been taught and trained and civilized.  Their brain size was found to be larger than a human's brain and their intelligence superior.  Amazingly, Bobo and Clara have learned almost all the skills as regular adult humans, including learning how to drive.  

Recently, funds were allocated for Bobo and Clara to have their own car with a full tank of gas.  The car is a nice used car, and even though Bobo and Clara are in a remote region which cannot be disclosed, they have been driving during the wee hours of the morning.  

After several hundred miles, a strange thing happened.  Bobo and Clara's car ran out of gas,  As smart as Bob and Clara are, no one ever thought of telling them that there was a 'secret ingredient' that made their car run.   What is shocking is that it was learned that if no one had ever rescued Bob and Clara... their driving days would have been over for good.  

Bigfoot Bobo
Early photo of Bobo

An even more surprising discovery was made when it was decided not to tell Bob and Clara that their car needed this secret ingredient.  The tank was filled, Bob and Clara drove once more until...yes...they ran out of gas.  

The above story is fiction, of course, but the point is true and relevant.

When it comes to losing weight, most diets and exercise routines run out of gas.  Just like Bob and Clara, if you are never informed that there is a secret ingredient, your diet will run out of gas again and again!  

suv in snow

But you know and I know and we all know that there is diet and there is exercise and if we diet and exercise, we lose weight.  Although this seems true, there are certain skills (weight loss skills) as well as a few secrets that we must know about, in order to succeed at any long term diet plan or program.  If we never learn the simple skills of  losing weight, we are doomed to run out of gas until we do.

I am George Pierce.  I have been able to reach and maintain a healthy weight for 20+ years.  I do not claim to be an expert, but I have done a huge amount of research.  I have discovered that most people simply do not know the necessary skills for losing weight and for keeping that weight off.  It is not their fault, it is not your fault.  In fact, it is possible, and probable that the weight loss industry does not want you to learn these skills.  Until you learn, you will always be a customer.  

I stopped being a weight loss industry customer years ago.  I encourage you to stop.   Allow me to visit my website where I will be happy to help you learn you need to know for free.  Click here for a free tour.

minoin midnight snack joke

How to find the diet that is right for you!


How to find the diet that is right for you!

Finding the right diet is so important, and yet we often neglect putting enough time and effort into this stage of our weight loss journey. Our first step on our journey is research.  We need to be willing to take the time to look at our options.  

Part of our weight loss mindset is that we are about to make a life long commitment.  If we begin our journey thinking short term, well, that is exactly what we will get...a short term diet.  If we begin with a long term mindset, then a long term or life long commitment of healthy eating is what we can expect.  

Before making a 'life long' commitment, doesn't it make good sense to do some serious research first?

Research Problem #1:  Gathering your information.    

Fortunately, if you have access to the Internet, problem #1 is solved.  Thank goodness for the Internet when it comes to researching anything.  You and I can get tons of valuable information about our diet choices almost instantly.  

Research Problem #2:  Processing your information.

Processing your information, in this case, comparing diets is not so easy.  Research which is GOOD, can end up be almost BAD.  Why?  If you have done your homework (your research), you should have numerous diet options and tons of information.  That is what you wanted?...right?  The problem that you  (and most everyone else) now face is data overload.  You suddenly have too much information.  Instead of being in a position to make a smart choice, you may find that you are confused and overwhelmed.    

The solution:

Most of us have never been taught 'Matchmaking Skills'.  I share all the "Matchmaking Skills with you along with needed weight loss skills  in my free 30 day course (See Below).  Allow me to share one of the Match Making skills right now.  This simple skill has helped millions of people and will help you.  


The Ben Franklin Comparison Method:  

Make two columns, one for Pros and one for Cons
Write down all the pros in one column and all the cons in the other.
Assess the importance of each pro and con and add a value of 1 to 10.  10 is most important, 1 is least important.
Assess the probability of each pro and con and add a value of 1 to 10.   Definitely will happen is a 10, might happen  perhaps a 5, not likely to happen a 1.
Multiply importance by probability = Weight.  Add your column.

This chart should help you see how this matchmaking skill works.

Pros I P W Cons I P W
Easy to follow 9 9 81 Lots of counting and tracking, No App 9 9 81
Four Phases 8 7 56 Involves prep time 7 6 42
Lots of meals and recipes 9 9 81        
I like the foods 10 10 100        
I can see myself doing this long term 7 9 63        
Totals 43 44 381   16 15 123

Take the diets that you feel that you are most interested in, and compare using the above skill.  You will be amazed at how much this comparison can help you make your decision.

Matchmaking skills are a small part of what we have never been taught about learning how to win at losing weight.  At Win At Losing Weight (my home website), our motto is that "Losing weight is a matter of knowing how".  I invite you to visit.  If you like what you see, and you will, I urge you to become a free member.  Free membership will include many perks along with a 30 day training course which includes all the Matchmaking Skills and the Weight Loss Skills that no one ever teaches us.  

To visit, click here: