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The Sad Truth About Cleanses and Detox Diets


The Sad Truth About Cleanses and Detox Diets

by George Pierce
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Although Cleanses and Detox Diets are popular, they are a BAD choice!

These kind of diets are not really diets and it has not yet been proven that they actually detox or flush your body of toxins.  Subjecting your body to a cleanse or detox is risky, unsafe, and unhealthy.  Your detox diet or cleanse may do you more harm than good.

What you should know about detox diets and cleanses

These kind of diets are short term.  They are a way to lose weight fast and that is what makes them popular.  That is also what makes them unhealthy.  You cannot stay on this kind of diet for long.  

Many of these diets are a 'fast', which means no food.  Some allow you to eat fruits and veggies, but every detox and cleanse that I have looked at, will leave you hungry and feeling weak.  

You are likely to be poorly nourished during this kind of diet.  This means that you can expect lack of energy, low blood sugar, aching muscles, nausea, dizziness, light headedness, and fatigue.  

Whatever weight that you lose will soon return and will probably bring friends.  You are setting your self up to weigh more that when you start!

If you want a cleanse or detox, there are many 'clean eating' diets that will naturally and healthily help you to lose weight and detox without negative or harmful side effects.

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I have not found a detox diet worth recommending.  Of all the healthy ways to get your body clean and healthy, detox diets and cleanses are NOT one of them.  Avoid detox diets and cleanses.

My friends, thank you for reading.  Much success on your weight loss quest.

Kindest Regards.,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight founder

what don't kill you joke
      "  EXCEPT FOR DETOX DIETS! "    



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