Attitude = Altitude!

Working on your attitude can improve your weight loss chances.  Most of us do not really have a bad attitude, but we accidentally allow our attitude to be 'confused'. 

This 'confused' state usually is a result of doubt.  When you are not sure that you will reach your goal or you are not sure that you can maintain your weight loss or give up a certain food or foods, then your brain is faced with confusion. 

How can you eliminate doubt?

Sometimes we cannot easily and quickly eliminate our doubt.   Sometimes it takes time, but in the mean time, we can choose to do our best to dismiss doubt, to push doubt away, to say I choose to not doubt today or I choose to not let doubt stand in my way. 

Knowledge is a powerful way to deal with doubt.  In other words, the more you learn about losing weight, exercise, and developing a strong weight loss mindset, the better you can combat doubt.

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