#1 Diet, #2 Diet reviews.

#1 Diet Gets My OK, # 2 Diet Does Not!
by George Pierce
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The US News And World Report has chosen the Weight Watchers Diet as the number one diet.  This diet was created by co-founder Jean Nidetch.  She was an over weight housewife, who had trouble finding a weight loss plan that worked and one that she could maintain long term.   I give this diet a thumbs up and suggest that you consider adding it to your list.  In my Weight Watchers Diet Review, I cover the positives as well as the negatives.  I invite you to read my review to see if  Weight Watchers might be a good fit for you.

TLC diet

The US News and World Report has chosen the TLC Diet also the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet as the number two diet. This diet is endorsed by the American Heart Association and recommend by the National Institute of Health.  You may be surprised to find that I recommend that you should NOT add this diet to your list of diet choices.   Please read my TLC Diet Review to learn why.

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