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Six Ways To Lose Belly Fat!

Can you actually target belly fat?  According to Jorge Cruise, author of  The Belly Fat Cure, you can.   Surprisingly, in a six week study, exercise that targeted the abdomen only, had no effect on lowering waist size or reducing belly fat per the NIH.
Most experts seem to agree that the following six tips will help you to lose weight and belly fat.

#1:  Eat more fiber.  A study shows that adding 14 grams of fiber per day reduced weight by about 4.5 pounds in 4 months.  What fiber does is help you to feel fuller longer.

#2:  Exercise.  Exercise burns calories which contributes to weight loss.  Swimming, running, and walking are excellent exercises to reduce belly fat, per the National Institute of Health.

#3:  Eat less sugar.  Sugar and added sugar is not healthy.  Sugar not only adds calories, it slows our metabolism.

#4:  Eat more protein.  Eating more protein is a long established method for losing weight.

#5:  Lower your carbs.  Cutting your intake of carbohydrates, helps reduce your appetite, and ultimately your waistline.  Limiting carbs is proven to be 2-3 times more effective than lowering fat.   Lowering carbs also results in  water loss, so results are almost immediate.  Lowering carbs is thought to specifically target losing belly fat.

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#6:  Keep Track.  People who track what they eat , lose more weight.

Keeping track is quite easy and simple.  

The USDA offers SuperTracker, a free online tracking resource.

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Fat Secret offers a free phone app. (100% free)

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Losing belly fat can be achieved!

Choose a diet plan or program that includes all of the above for best results.

For help with finding a diet that is the perfect fit, I invite your to visit, Win At Losing Weight.

I thank you for reading, my friend, and I wish you success on your weight loss quest.

Kindest Regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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