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Great Diets Are NOT Great!??


Great Diets Are NOT Great!??

Many great diets may not be great because they are not right for you.  They may be too strict, too hard, not strict enough or too easy.  They may not suit your palate...the diet may be centered around bananas or grapefruit...and you hate bananas or grapefruit. 

My point is to find a diet that is a good fit for YOU.

At the Win At Losing Weight Website, you will find candid diet reviews that should help you with your diet decision.  Should you decide to 'Join Us', your free membership will include further help, instruction and training on how to research and choose the diet that fits you best...and much more.

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Losing Weight And FUN!


Losing Weight And FUN!

If losing weight is NOT fun, won't it be very difficult to reach your goal weight?

If losing weight is NOT fun, won't it be nearly impossible to maintain your goal weight?

The changes that you make when losing weight are simply trading in old habits for better habits in the areas of diet, exercise and mindset.

Most of us think that losing weight is 'Difficult' and 'No Fun'. That's our first mistake.

Weight loss can be much easier than you ever expected!

There are so many tricks and secrets to make weight loss easier. The first is to start with our mindset and attitude. This time, make yourself a promise to really make an effort....and to focus your effort on finding, learning, and implementing ways to make your new journey easier and more fun.

Your new look does not have to take the fun out of life.

A few tips:

#1: Make eating fun. Find and add new recipes to your eating plan on a weekly basis. Make sure that those recipes are ones that you will love.

#2: Made it a point to find an exercise plan that you will enjoy. Finding the right exercise means that you will look forward to exercise.

#3: Have fun. Celebrate your new life. Make having fun a new habit.

#4: Look for the fun. Just about everything we do can be viewed as a joy or a drag. Look to children and pets to help remind you how much fun the little things are.

Your new lifestyle can and will be fun. It takes just a little effort at first. Once it becomes a habit, you will see 'losing weight' as easier than you had expected.

Thanks for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce

Win At Losing Weight Founder

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Free Ebooks for Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise!


Free Ebooks for Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise!


I have recently added a library section for non members of Win At Losing Weight.

The Member area has had a library since the beginning, but non members now also have access

to some of our ebooks.  No email address is required.  The books are digital, so you can download 

them and begin enjoying them almost immediately.  

The two newest additions are:

super foods originality ecover insomniac ecver

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The Dog Must Diet

The Dog Must Diet

Even though you 'voluntarily' go on a diet, you may feel as if someone else is in charge.

You may feel like someone other than yourself is in control and forcing you to do something that you do not want to do. 

Step back, and have a talk with your brain.  HUH?  Your brain is supposed to be your ally, but if you forget to bring it on board,

it can be your enemy. 


One of the Five Crucial Factors of weight loss success is about recruiting your brain as an ally.

The Five Factors are available in our member area and membership is free. 

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Win At Losing Weight Website Update!


Win At Losing Weight Website Update!

Due to a software glitch, I have not been able to add new content to our present website version.

After repeated attempts to fix the problem, I opted to change software. 

What Does This Mean To You?

Our new site software is eight time faster!  Faster loading sites are preferred by all, especially for
those visitors who are using mobile devices.

Our original content is new and improved!  The transition to our new version has not been a
simple and automatic transfer, as expected, but the content is be upgraded and updated where

Our library is being expanded.  In addition to our member library, I have added another weight loss
library for non members. 

A recipes section has been added.  I love to eat and I have discovered that there are all kinds of healthy
and delicious recipes and meals that are simple and quick.  Easy recipes may be just what some
of our visitors need.


Sorry For any inconvenience.

In an effort to make sure that no diet, exercise, article, etc. is excluded or missing, both versions of our site
are available.  I apologize for any confusion.

Upon completion:

Once the conversion is complete, you will be redirected for our original version
to our new version 
You will notice a new look and more user friendly navigation.

Thank you!

I thank you for bearing with us and wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

Free Ketogenic Diet Cookbook!


If you love bacon, you will love 

Bacon and Butter,  The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook.

You will discover amazing NY Times Best Seller recipes and more.

The Ketogenic Diet is not one of my favorite diets (see my review),

but this cookbook will help you if you are on a low carb diet 

or will help you to better decide if a ketogenic diet is right for you.

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Why Is Losing Weight Impossible?



Why Is Losing Weight Impossible?

I want to reassure you that losing weight is possible, but...until about 95% of us make a few simple changes, losing weight WILL be IMPOSSIBLE. 

When I realized that long term weight loss continues to elude 95+ out of 100 thought was WHY? 

I have found out why. 

I am George Pierce, founder of Win At Losing Weight, and the reason is that successful weight loss requires MORE than just diet and exercise.  

OH NO!  I am telling you that weight loss is impossible and now I am adding insult to injury by saying there is yet more than diet and exercise.  If the pursuit of weight loss has been driving you crazy, my sharing with you that there is even more, is meant to enlighten you and not to push you over the edge.  

There are TWO THINGS that I feel that you should know about losing weight.

#1:  One of my weight loss discoveries is that anyone can succeed at losing weight, once they learn a few simple things that have been missing.  You can learn more at Win At Losing Weight (WALW) website.

#2:  Most of us are not aware that we, ourselves, often stand on our own way.  This is not another insult, it is an observation that is true.



W. Clement Stone and President Gerald Ford


If you have been standing in your own way, of course, not intentionally, the following quotes from W. Clement Stone might help.


There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.

You can develop a burning desire to succeed. How? Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don't want.

To become an expert achiever in any human activity, it takes practice... practice... practice.

Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.


Our New Look!


Our New Look!

Win At Losing Weight is taking on a new look.  Technical difficulties with our old site created a need for a change.  The change has resulted in opting for a faster loading site.  Our new site builder is supposed to be the fastest.  Whether it is or not, it certainly is fast and faster loading is more important than ever.  As more and more folks use their phones to access websites, speed makes a real difference.  Phones are presently slower than computers, so a slow site will be very slow for someone viewing it on their phone.  

Much of the content has been moved to our new site, but  since our weight loss content is significant, there is still more to do.  As we continue to move content, our goal is to also update and improve and expand our content.  

The one area in which you will notice this change is the Diet Review Section.  At present, you will see two lists of diet reviews and you will continue to see two until the transformation is complete.  We are sorry for any confusion.  Our decision is not meant to confuse you, but to make sure that you do not miss out on a review that is important to you.

Once done, you will find that our newest version of Win At Losing Weight will be bigger, better, and faster.  

Thanks for bearing with us.


Library Added!


Library Added!

Win At Losing Weight has added a library.  

Our members have had a library, but our non members now also 

have access to a smaller version.  


What you will find are ebooks and ereports which are available as an immediate download.

Most of the books and reports are free...really free with no email required.



A recent addition is Exercise Without Effort.  

You can download it free with no strings.  Enjoy.

Click here to visit the Win At Losing Weight Library.


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Good Fat - Bad Fat!?


Good Fat Bad Fat!?

Fat makes us fat is not true.  One of my first diets was a low fat diet. Low fat diets are no longer in favor.  This was many years ago and before I had much weight loss research under my belt.  I have since discovered that our brain needs fat and so does our body.  

There are two kinds of fat.  Yellow fat which stores energy and brown fat which burns energy.  According to Dr. James Lyons, author of The Brown Fat Revolution, brown fat is good for you and he says that yellow fat is bad fat.

Dr. Lyons says the if our diet lacks brown fat, our body will replace it with yellow fat...the jiggly fat that we do not want.



Why some of the most popular diets are the worst!


Why some of the most popular diets are the worst!  

The weight loss community (the folks that need to shed a few pounds) have a couple of strikes against them.  Strikes that they may not be aware of. 

Strike #1:  They are tired!

Most dieters are tired of failing at weight loss.  They have not actually failed, the weight loss industry has failed them, but the industry has done a pretty good job of convincing everyone that it is our fault, not their fault.  The result is that dieters tend to follow the crowd, in hopes that the latest or newest diet is THE ONE!  The one diet that finally works, the one diet that they can stay on and enjoy.  

Strike #2:  The diets are not about helping us!

Most diets are created for one reason and unfortunately, that is PROFIT.  Whether they help us, whether these diets even work is secondary.  Profit is the driving force.   

Most of these 'for profit' diets are a spin off of one of the top diets...the really good diets such as the Mediterranean or the DASH Diet.  That is sort of good news, but the modifications to these diets are usually ways to speed up your results. 

Faster weight loss is what we want...but not necessarily our best option.  Most experts seem to feel that rapid weight loss is not a healthy strategy. 

In my opinion, many of these faster versions create unnecessary difficulty.  If a diet is too difficult, we are probably going to quit after a short while.  

My Point:

Forget about what the crowd is doing, look for the diet that fits you best.  If a diet is difficult, ask yourself if that is going to be something that you can overcome or will the level of difficulty overcome you. 

Our website, Win At Losing Weight, is all about helping you to lose weight.  Our membership is optional but it will provide you with a few basic weight loss skills that no one teaches.  These skills will make weight loss easier...and membership is free.  Visit us now... 


Diets That Lower Insulin Levels



Avocado is thought to naturally lower insulin levels

Diets That Lower Insulin Levels

Most diets actually help you to lower insulin levels.  Most diets reduce or eliminate foods that might spike your insulin levels.  A diet that is based on lowering insulin levels to lose weight may be a good diet, but lower insulin levels to lose weight is not yet proven.  These diets should work, however, since they lower your caloric intake.  

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, see your health care professional.  A diet that lowers your insulin levels can help your diabetes as well as help you shed pounds.  

If you are not diabetic or pre-diabetic, lower insulin levels are often a result of weight loss or diet, but are probably not the cause of weight loss.  

For more information, visit our Diabetes Section.

Diet Red Flags!


Diet Red Flags!

Dieting is difficult enough.  

Nowadays we have to beware of fad diets, diets that do not work, 

diet products that are useless, and more.

Diet Red Flags is an article posted at Mr. G's Weight Loss Blog.

Wasting weeks or months is a huge setback.

Click here for some tips that will help you to recognize and

avoid some of those diet red flags.  

Not Losing Weight?

Not Losing Weight?

If you have ever learned to ride a bike or a mechanical bull,

you know it takes time to learn how.  Once you learn, I believe

that you will agree that it gets pretty easy.


There is a learning process involved in any new skills we acquire.  


Losing weight is a skill that no one teaches, worse yet, the skills of 

losing weight are skills that most of us are not aware that we need.


No wonder, 95 to 97% of us keep falling off!


You can change all that at our Win At Losing Weight website.

It is all about helping you lose weight...and helping you in ways

that you have never been told and never been taught. 


Visit us now... 

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