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Bobby's Mom Won't Be Coming Home!

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Bobby and Teddy (Teddy Bear).  This story is fiction but it is based on fact.

Bobby's Mom Won't Be Coming Home!

Bobby's mom won't be coming home!  Several hours ago, Bobby's mom, Shelley, suffered a massive
heart attack.  The cause of the attack was due to obesity.  The paramedics did all they could to revive

She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. 

This story happens more and more.  About 300,000 adults are now dying each year in the US from obesity.
An estimated 2.8 million adults are dying worldwide from this disease.  What is so horrifying about these
deaths are that they are all preventable.  Obesity is now the fifth largest killer of adults. 

How can this happen?

The leading cause is not so much lack of exercise, rather it is what we are eating and drinking that is killing us.
According to the New England Journal of Medicine and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, about 604 million
people are now obese.  The main driver behind our increasing world wide obesity is our massive caloric intake.

fast food

It boils down to eating more calories than we burn. 

To make this situation even worse, childhood obesity is rising faster that adult obesity. 

Bobby's mom knew she was obese,  it had been sucking the life out of her for the last few years.  Shelley knew she needed to do something about being overweight, but she would never have procrastinated if she knew that her obesity was going to kill her! 

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Diets That Lower Insulin Levels



Avocado is thought to naturally lower insulin levels

Diets That Lower Insulin Levels

Most diets actually help you to lower insulin levels.  Most diets reduce or eliminate foods that might spike your insulin levels.  A diet that is based on lowering insulin levels to lose weight may be a good diet, but lower insulin levels to lose weight is not yet proven.  These diets should work, however, since they lower your caloric intake.  

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, see your health care professional.  A diet that lowers your insulin levels can help your diabetes as well as help you shed pounds.  

If you are not diabetic or pre-diabetic, lower insulin levels are often a result of weight loss or diet, but are probably not the cause of weight loss.  

For more information, visit our Diabetes Section.

Not Losing Weight?

Not Losing Weight?

If you have ever learned to ride a bike or a mechanical bull,

you know it takes time to learn how.  Once you learn, I believe

that you will agree that it gets pretty easy.


There is a learning process involved in any new skills we acquire.  


Losing weight is a skill that no one teaches, worse yet, the skills of 

losing weight are skills that most of us are not aware that we need.


No wonder, 95 to 97% of us keep falling off!


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It is all about helping you lose weight...and helping you in ways

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Attitude = Altitude!


Attitude = Altitude!

Working on your attitude can improve your weight loss chances.  Most of us do not really have a bad attitude, but we accidentally allow our attitude to be 'confused'. 

This 'confused' state usually is a result of doubt.  When you are not sure that you will reach your goal or you are not sure that you can maintain your weight loss or give up a certain food or foods, then your brain is faced with confusion. 

How can you eliminate doubt?

Sometimes we cannot easily and quickly eliminate our doubt.   Sometimes it takes time, but in the mean time, we can choose to do our best to dismiss doubt, to push doubt away, to say I choose to not doubt today or I choose to not let doubt stand in my way. 

Knowledge is a powerful way to deal with doubt.  In other words, the more you learn about losing weight, exercise, and developing a strong weight loss mindset, the better you can combat doubt.

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Not sure if you have diabetes?


Do You Have Diabetes?

About one in eleven people have diabetes.  Many people, however, do not know that they have this disease.  If you think you might have diabetes, but are not sure, please read my article, Diabetes Mellitus Explained.  

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You, the Internet, and Weight Loss


call center

You, the Internet, and Weight Loss

Although there is more information about weight loss on the net than we could ever read, nearly all of the information is flawed!  


You need to be aware that:

  1. What you read on the net is often embellished, especially regarding weight loss, even to the point of lying.
  2. What you read about most weight loss products, programs, diets, etc. often omits the negatives or plays them down.
  3. What you read about losing weight is often written by someone whose goal is to sell you something.
  4. Worst of all, nearly every weight loss plan fails to provide you with the needed skills and mindset information to succeed.

You need weight loss disclosure, but you do not get it on the net, or elsewhere, so your all important weight loss decision or choice is based on incomplete information.  Making any decision without enough information is a recipe for disaster.  Yet, the weight loss industry has us convinced that our weight loss failures are OUR FAULT, not their fault.  

truth sign made up of the word lies

The TRUTH is that your lack of information, lack of truth, training, skills, and mindset training are what is holding you back.  It is not your fault!  Weight loss is simply a matter of knowing how, but no one seems to want you and I to know how.   

If you never learn how to ride a bike, if no one ever teaches you the simple skills you need to know, your bike rides will always end in failure!  The same applies to losing weight.  

I am George Pierce, founder of Win at Losing Weight.  My aim is to help you find the whole truth, so you can make accurate and intelligent weight loss decisions...decisions that can be life changing.   My reviews and articles include the good and especially, the bad.

weight loss triangle

The Weight Loss Success Triangle.  

I also provide you with, what I call, the third side of the weight loss success triangle (should you decide to become a member).  All this and more are available at Win At Losing Weight  and it is free.

If you are tired of failing at losing weight, visit my site and you will soon see why the name WIN at Losing Weight is so appropriate.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you much success on your weight loss quest.

Kindest Regards,

George Pierce

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Over 15 Million People Love This Weight Loss Exercise Plan!


Exercise is certainly an integral part of weight loss success.  Some people are exercise fanatics that are addicted to exercise, but most of us avoid it.  

Why do most of us avoid exercise?

We consider it to be a four letter word called WORK and WORK is not fun.  Since most of us have never learned the skills that we need to lose weight, we may not admit it, but our mindset is that our weight loss plans will eventually fail.  So failure is imminent, deep down, some of us feel that exercise is therefore a waste of time.  Shame on us and we know it, but since we feel that our weight loss efforts are doomed, why should we work at something (exercise) that does not work.  

Of course we are wrong and we know it, but our emotional side which is sure of doom will win.

How can we stop this thought process? 


You have just made a significant first step toward a weight loss break through!  HUH?  

In order to WIN at losing weight, you need a diet plan (eating lifestyle) that will work for you in the short term and in the long term, one that you can live with and enjoy.  In addition, you need an exercise plan that you enjoy, one that you look forward to.  You need to learn a few simple weight loss skills that will help you with improving your thought process regarding weight loss as well as your habits.


Get the help you need to WIN at losing weight!

You will find the help you need with diet and exercise at Win At Losing Weight.  Some diets are great, many are a waste of your time, a few are literally deadly.  My website will help you make a smart choice.  About the only negative regarding exercise is when it is done to excess or done wrong.  An exercise that has over 15,000,000 participants weekly and continues to grow is Zumba Dance.  Why?  It is a great way to burn calories, but more importantly, it is FUN.  My Zumba Dance Review includes a free workout for beginners so you can see if Zumba is for you.   

You will learn the simple weight loss skills that no one has told you, should you decide to become a free member.  These skills and much more are a  part of a free 30 day training course for members only.  

Weight loss is not impossible and does not have to end in failure, weight loss is a matter of knowing how.  

Thank you for reading my friends and much success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce

Win At Losing Weight Founder

A Diet Killer that you can tame!

A Diet Killer that you can tame!


There are many ways to kill a diet.  

By killing a diet, I mean reasons that will make us QUIT.  

If you think about it, the number one reason why diets fail is because we QUIT.  

Sometimes we might quit because we simply made a bad choice, and rotten diets should be long as we move on to a better diet.

I consider plateauing to be the WORST Diet Killer!  The reason is that neither you nor I have done anything wrong!  Yet, we have hit what seems to be a brick wall.  

What has been working for weeks or months is no longer working!  It is frustrating and aggravating and can be a deal breaker.  Plateauing is normal and natural and we are supposed to know that.  

We hear and we read:  "Just tough it out.  Hang in there . Don't quit."  Well it is not so easy to tough it out and hang in there and not quit, when nothing is happening!  Even when we know that plateauing is part of the process, that is very little consolation. The following report might help.

Allow me to share a little extra ammunition for when you plateau or just need a diet boost.  I have put together a small report that includes six crazy diet tips.  These tips may be strange and little known, but each one has been proven to work.  


If you  feel that nothing seems to be working, try adding one or all of these bizarre
but proven tips for losing weight.  They just might tame that diet killer!

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