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200 word min.-2 article/day reminder

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200 word min, 2 articles/day maximum

If your articles are not being published and you do not feel that you are violating any of the directory rules, then you may exceeding 2 articles per day or not meeting the 200 word minimum.   Due to the abundance of articles, you may not get any notification of this violoation.

See forum rules for more details.  

Allow me to add that I want to publish your article and will make exceptions to the rules.

How can you get an exception?

You will need to contact me first and have received an OK, before posting.

Allow me to add that we ask that your article be submitted in English for SEO reasons.  It hurts you, more than us, to have backlinks from a foreign language site per Google Guidlines. 

Thank you for reading

George Pierce
Weight Loss Article Directory

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