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Article Directory Rules:

Thank you for joining and welcome.

Please show respect and courtesy to all posts and posters.

You are allowed up to three relative links or ads in your post and two links  in your bio.   HTML is allowed, so you can use images and videos.  You are allowed two articles per day.

Weight loss, exercise or diabetes articles are preferred, but there is a General discussion - not weight loss category for other articles.  

Your articles can range from a minimum of 200 words to a maximum of 1500.  Should you need to exceed 1500, please create a multi-part post. 

Please put your articles in English.  

Articles that are garbled or make no sense will be considered SPAM.
Excessive links or ads will be considered SPAM.
A lack of content will be considered SPAM.

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 and not get all your posts deleted as SPAM, read this.

ATTENTION:  You can SPAM this site without getting banned. 

There is a SPAM Section which has been specifically created for backlinks. You can use this section for SPAMMY articles.

The Weight Loss Article Directory mission is to help and inform and is a G Rated Site.  

Banned Content:

Banned content includes, but is not limited to, the following:

abuse, argumentative content, child abuse, spouse abuse, bestiality, character bashing, criticism, discrimination of any kind, explicit sex, foul language, incest, mayhem, Nazism, obscenities, piracy, pornography, profanity, rape, self-harm or suicide, or slavery.  


1st offense = warning.
2nd offense = suspension or ban.
3rd offense = ban.

The Weight Loss Article Directory is here for your benefit.  
Thank you again for joining.

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