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My Personal Weight Loss Story:  
by George Pierce  

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My weight loss story begins over 22 years ago.  After several failures, I was able to lose about 25 pounds and keep those pounds off.  Neither of these successes were easy, I still need to work at it, but neither is nearly as difficult as you might think.  

In order to lose the weight and to maintain a healhty weight, I did my homework, but I was also a bit lucky.  I was employing some of the weight loss skills that I share with you (at this site and especially at my member site).  I say that I was lucky, because I was as unaware of what it really takes to successfully lose weight as most everyone else is also unaware.  During the maintenance stage is where I  made most of  my discoveries.  Maintaining was not as easy as I expected, so I decided to see if there was a way to make this weight loss stuff as as easy as possible.  

My research revealed two facts about weight loss that opened my eyes.  

#1:  There is much more to weight loss than just diet and exercise.
#2:  The weight loss industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical profession, and the World Wide Web seriously exploit those of us that are trying to lose weight.  

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This exploitation was the initial reason for my first weight loss site.  I wanted to make the whole world aware of all the weight loss scams and shenanigans.   I still do my best to be sure to help my readers be aware of the good and the bad.  

Over time, however, I have come to realize that sharing the skills that are necessary to lose weight are the most important discovery and benefit that I can pass on.  

You can read more about me at my member site.  Allow me to encourage you to continue your quest to lose weight and to give my methods an open mind.  My methods and more are included with free membership, 

Thank you for visiting, my friend, and thank you for reading.  I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

Kindest Regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder
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