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How to Protect Yourself From Diet Scams!

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How can you protect yourself from weight loss scams?  

A little knowledge can really go a long way when it comes to scams about losing weight.
The biggest tipoff is that All SCAM products overstate and over promise.  

If you take a look at what is scientifically possible regarding any products ability to truly help you to lose weight, spotting a scam will be much easier.  

A pound of weight is equal to about 3500 calories.  If you consider any product that can truly help you lose weight, you are considering a product that absorbs (actually malabsorbs) calories or burns calories.  This kind of weight loss product is called a thermogenic.  The process is called thermogenesis.


Caloric Absorption:

Without getting too technical, the most calories that can be absorbed (malabsorbed) are about 200 per day or about 1400 per week times 4.3 weeks per month equals 6020 per month or 1.72 pounds per month.  

Actually about 180 calories per day (Based on an FTC Report by Stephen Barrett, MD)  are considered to be the maximum number that can be absorbed, so a truer estimate is 1.54 pounds per month.  


NEAT or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is burning calories by way of any daily activity that is NOT eating, sleeping. or formal exercise.  

To begin with, the effectiveness of thermogenic agents or products for weight loss has very little clinical proof .  

Caffeine is the main ingredient that most thermogenic products use.  About a 4% increase in metabolism (Based also on an FTC Report by Stephen Barrett, MD) seems to be about the best we can expect.  A 4% boost equates to a loss of about 140 calories per day, 980 per week, or 4214 per month.  In other words, about the most weight loss that a thermogenic agent can produce in a month is 1.2 pounds.


Fast Weight Loss:

Be leery of any diet that promises fast or quick weight loss.  You may not be looking at a scam, but most fast weight loss plans can create problems, both physical and mental.  Physically, quick weight loss is usually not a sound and healthy option.  In addition, you will probably gain all your weight back and more.  Mentally, you are creating a major weight loss mistake because fast weight loss is inherently a SHORT TERM mindset and proper weight loss is a long term lifestyle change which means a long term mindset.  You are also creating a physical and mental habit that is the exact opposite of what you really need and want.


As mentioned, a substantial weight loss without a change in diet and exercise is simply NOT possible.

Any promise of a weight loss pill, supplement, herb, patch, juice, etc. that promises more than 1.2 or 1.54 or 1.72  pounds per week in lost weight WITHOUT a change in diet and exercise is a lie, and therefore a SCAM!  Do not waste your money on it, it won't work.

Any weight loss plan that promises fast weight loss or quick weight loss should probably be avoided.   The Fast Diet is the only one that I have found, that is healthy enough and has long term potential for you to consider.

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Avoid Weight Loss and You Won't Get Scammed!