Win At Losing Weight

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The Benefits Of Water

Why should you drink at least eight glasses of water per day?  

Water is probably the best natural health and beauty product available!   Water will give you younger skin, as well as shinier hair and a healthier body.

15 reasons to drink lots of water!

#1:  Helps You To Lose weight

Water is an aid to losing weight.  Water helps to curb your appetite and make you feel fuller so you will eat less, Water is also believed to increase your metabolism.  Water contains zero calories.

#2:  Relieves fatigue

If you feel fatigued or sluggish, water will perk you up.

#3: Increases energy

Water boosts your energy levels.

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#4:  Improves Clarity

Our brain is mostly water, so drinking lots of water helps our thinking and our ability to focus and concentrate.

#5:  Removes toxins

Our toxins are removed by sweat, urination, and stools.  Water helps all these processes work best.  Water also reduces our risk of kidney stones.

#6:  Better Skin

Water improves our complexion by moisturizing our skin.  

#7:  Removes wrinkles

Water is a natural anti-aging treatment which helps to reduce or eliminate wrinkles.

#8:  Promotes regularity

Water helps to keep things moving through our large intestine.  Water bonds with fiber to add bulk to our stools, speed up transit time, and make elimination easier.  Not drinking enough water makes our colon pull water from our stools which causes constipation.  

#9:  Flushes our system

Water aids the liver and kidneys by helping flush our bodies.

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#10 Improves our immunity

Drinking plenty of water helps reduce cancer, heart attacks, fight the flu, and be less likely to get sick.

#11:  Eliminate headaches including migraines

Water naturally hydrates our body and brain.   Staying hydrated may eliminate headaches and migraines.  If you get a headache, two glasses of water should give you total relief in about 30 minutes.

#12:  Protect our joints

Water keeps the cartilage around our joints lubricated.  It also protects our spinal column.  

#13:  Ease our emotions

A warm bath provides physical warmth which can relate to emotional warmth.  A warm bath is also believed to activate a hormone called oxytocin which gives us a feeling of being relaxed.

#14:  Helps prevent colds

Gargling water (in a study of 400 people), was found to reduce or eliminate upper respiratory infections.

#15:  Improves mood

Drinking water literally makes us feel refreshed which improves our state of mind and thus improves our mood.  Dehydration has been shone to negatively affect our mood.  

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