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The purpose of this section is to help you by keeping you informed.  I cannot promise you that everything that you will find is totally accurate or correct, but I can promise you that, to the best of my knowledge, I have and will continue to provide you with information that is accurate, correct, honest and dependable.  I feel that much of what you and I read, especially on the Internet, is slanted.  Usually, slanted means that someone is trying to 'sell you something'.  

The bottom line is that most of what you read (weight loss or otherwise) seems to be written in the writer's interest and not yours.

The articles that you find at 'Win At Losing Weight' are written with your interest in mind.  In my opinion, you are making a life changing decision, actually a series of life changing decisions when you are deciding on your weight loss strategies and when you are enabling your strategies.  This means that you need help and information that you can count on, not information that is written with someone else's interest in mind.  The intent of this section and this site and all of the other WIN At Losing Weight sites, is to provide you with quality reliable information.

Thank you for visiting and for reading, my friend, much success with your weight loss quest.

George Pierce

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