Win At Losing Weight
Five Food Additives You Should  Avoid
by: George Pierce      

5 sweeteners to avoid

What we think is good for us and our family may be bad!

One step that many of us take, when trying to lose weight, is to limit our intake of sugar and sweets.  

The problem that we face is that our alternatives may be poor choices.  Some of the above may be unfounded, some is true..I invite you to read my reviews of these five food additives, below, along with my eye opening article 'Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners'.


Acesulfame Potassium Review

MSG Review

Sucralose Review

Asapartame Review

Sodium Benzoate Review

Before you make up you mind and for more help on this issue,
please read:  Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners.

For The Record:  

The title in the image at the top of this page says 5 Artificial Sweeteners to Avoid....a more correct title would be...5 Food Additives to Avoid...since there are 3 Artificial Sweeteners, 1 Food Preservative and 1 Flavor Enhancer.   On the other hand, the gist of all this, is whether you should avoid them.  I hope that you find these reviews to be of help.

My friend, I thank you for reading and wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce
Win at Losing Weight

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